Lumik Mark II

Its a small portable hand-stand great for vlogging. It helps detect movements and is remote-controlled.

Walsun_fingerprint Lock

A fingerprint recognition lock for bikes to avoid it from being stolen on the side walk. Its easy to use when you have forgotten your password or your key is lost and it has a durable battery power.

Bosma Sentry’ video doorbell

A doorbell that shows you who is at the door without you checking physically and allows entry at the touch of a button.

Candle Apparel

These are heated gloves that are water resistant and is to be used during cold seasons. They are fashionable, light, comfortable, stretchy and touch screen sensitive.

Laser Pecker pro

A portable laser cutting technology that engraves your customized ideas onto any object.



A key box that allows you to give access to others to your key through your phone by giving them the passcode. It is waterproof and dustproof also secure place to leave your keys instead of under the mat.

OUTXE W20 Rugged

A power bank with solar panel good for outdoor activities to charge your devices.


A fingerprint lock for your bike that also allows you to unlock it using Bluetooth on your phone and alerts you when someone tries to steal your bicycle.

CarroSmart ceiling fan

An energy efficient ceiling fan that has a wifi connection and works with google home and Alexa.

Norm Glasses

Glasses that take the function of a phone. You can call, reply to messages and listen to music with them.