12 Types of wives in a marriage?What kind are you?


In every family set-up, there are usually different types of wives. Some are bad, others make good wives while others just meet in between. Find out what kind of wife you are or the kind of wife you have from the following points below;

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The lazy one
You want to be done for everything and you have no dreams to pursue or plans in life. You just sit around waiting for your husband to attend to you. He no longer sees you as a life partner but as a dependent who just keeps taking, adding no value.

The overly religious one 
You are superstitious and rigid. According to you, everything pleasurable and fun is from the devil. You have an unhealthy view of God that is making enjoying marriage with you impossible. Doing ‘fun’ and interesting things with you may be difficult because they may seem unreligious or get the society talking.

The hot-tempered one
You snap and get angered so easily. You yell at your husband and children and use your voice harshly and not peaceful. Little conversations with you turn into arguments. It is difficult to settle disputes with you. Your husband loves you but talks less with you weighing what to tell you. Living with you it’s like walking on eggshells because of your regular mood swings.

The flirtatious one
You are married but flirt with multiple men at the workplace, in the neighborhood, on social media, over the phone. This ignites a sense of insecurity from your spouse and makes your marriage unstable.

The  Pampered Wife
You are very spoiled by your parents (normally from rich parents or the only girls in the family of many boys). You are also are lazy and mainly can’t do household work and love spending money shopping trivial girlish things. Your husband pampers you as well and your wishes are his commands just to make you happy.

 The Headmistress Wife
You always Make yourself in-charge of the family even when the husband is the sole provider of the home and also treats everyone as a child including your spouse and visitors. You are very interrogating and will punish your husband for any trivial things.

The gossiping one

What you love is always talking about are stories of others, often negative stories. Your husband looks at you and wonders, is there not something better to talk about other than people and their lives?

The passive in bed one
You lay in bed, lifeless, wanting your husband to do all the work to seduce you. You make no moves on him and he is starting to feel drained because it is not two-way.

The complaining one

You rarely see anything good in everyone and you are quick to point to your husband his faults. Every day is a new reason to complain and nag him. Your husband feels discouraged and imperfect and slowly he no longer is enjoying your company. He’d rather spend his free or leisure time away from you.

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The low self-esteem one
You look down on yourself and dress down, carrying yourself as a victim to feel sorry for. Your husband tells you that you are beautiful but you don’t believe him. Your lack of self-worth is making you less attractive and also not take care of yourself.

 The independent one
You are so used to making your own money, calling the shots, and doing life alone that your husband no longer feels needed in your life. He wants to love you but you push him away because you are able to foot every bill whether he chips in or not.

Security Wife: 
You are very protective of your husband and also very jealous. Every woman is seen as a threat. You see your husband’s friends as a bad company. Nobody is allowed to discipline your children even their teachers. Your husband’s family, friends, and workmates are scared of you.

The all-rounded wife

You are mature, great company, peaceful, easy to correct, spiritual, loving, supportive, loyal, serious about commitment, fun to be around, seductive to your husband, hardworking, confident and you are building a life together with your husband. You desire growth and you lead a happy and fulfilling family at home.

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