4 Ways to Spice up Your Relationship at home during this Quarantine

After the COVID-19 virus spread its wings far and fast, many offices had to be closed down to curb the spread among citizens.

Everyone from judges to TV hosts to news anchors and even teachers had to start working from home.

Working from home is a breeze, however, the lack of adventure or spending a little time away from your partner may cause a little stagnation or bring boredom in your relationship.

Below are some tips that will help you to get that romantic fire burning right from home.

Get your Adrenaline Flowing

As a couple, it is necessary to engage in activities that will increase your heart rate in order to bring back the spark that once was at the beginning of your relationship.

Increased adrenaline is known to be associated with an increase in arousal.

You can watch scary or even dirty movies together. Pick up that play station and game against each other. Take on that dance class or even binge-watch conspiracy theory documentaries together.

The list is endless. You only need to find an activity that you both enjoy and which gets your heart pumping.

Take showers together

Being intimate in relationships is not only about sex. Showering together is actually one of the most sensual ways to reconnect romantically with your partner.

The intimacy in lathering each other up while rubbing your partner’s body parts will bring you closer to your better half and help rekindle your romance.

You can do it even daily. You may even organize a nighttime bath filled with candles all over. A single romantic gesture goes a long way in relationships.

Virtual Double Date

This quarantine came during the best time when connecting with your friends or family is only one click away with the help of social media.

Social gatherings are currently banned but that doesn’t mean you cannot link up with your favourite couple friend to catch up.

With apps like skype and all other video calling platforms, you are free to call and have a video chat with your couple friends.

It’s a double date but unlike the traditional style, you do it via your computers right from home.

Start a Couple Workout Routine

Being cooked up in the house is 24/7 is a recipe for an unhealthy body and mind.

As a couple, incorporating exercises in your routine will help you stay fit while understanding your partner better.

A study shows that couples who work out together feel more satisfied with each other and even fall deeper in love with each other.

Sweating, shortness of breath and a racing pulse are also known to induce physiological arousal which may improve your relationship’s bedroom situation.

This quarantine season is when both of you can help each other attain their fitness goals too.