5 Simple Tricks to get your Make-Up Popping

With the recent rise in make-up trends, no one wants to be left behind in achieving that striking look.

It is not hard to have your look popping just like these YouTubers and influencers gracing our screens on the daily.

With the following make-up tips, you will be able to look wonderful as you head out every single day.

Use baby powder to attain thicker lashes

For starters, apply your first coat of mascara. After this use a make-up brush or tissue to dab some baby powder on the lashes.

You then apply the second coat of mascara. This will automatically leave your brows looking thicker than usual.

Apply your foundation using downward strokes

When applying foundation using your brush or beauty blender, make sure to use downward strokes.

Most of us have facial hair and upward strokes highlight them leaving you with a peach fuzz look. You do not want that.

Use lip-liner to make your lips fuller

The bigger-lips look is still trending. If your lips are small or you just want to make yours seem fuller, you may consider using a lip liner.

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Outline the outer margin of your lips first, then fill the pout with your lipstick.

Choose either a darker or the same shade with your lipstick.

Ensure your foundation complements your primer

We mainly have oil and water-based make-up products.

Ensure your primer and foundation are of the same base.

Otherwise, they will repel each other or slide over, making it harder to blend.

Apply your make-up under natural light

When applying your makeup, choose to do it under natural light.

Artificial light tends to make your make-up look different.

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