My dear Sister,

As I write this letter, I am overwhelmed with emotion because of the person you are. I could literally write a book about you and the person you are and are becoming. Everything I know and I am is because of you. You truly are a combination of beauty, brains and charisma. I listen to your friends talk about you and I hope to be half the person you are when I grow up.

Mama and Papa are so proud of you and even as we prepare to bid you farewell, I know there is a part of them that doesn’t want you to leave but we have to release you. I will miss having you around and having someone I can literally talk to about anything. Looking back at the journey that has culminated to this, I am proud of the woman that you have become. You have worked hard to be here and as your younger sibling, not only I am proud of you but I am your loudest cheer leader.

Mia  and I are five years apart but the striking resemblance makes everyone think that we are twins. Her child hood was different from mine. By the time of her conception and birth, our parents were struggling financially. Mama had experienced challenges with her pregnancy and thanks to missing work, her boss let her off. Papa on the other had had already decided to leave work to pursue his passion. It was at this period that Mia was born and when they brought her home, they had nothing literally. Thankful to have carried the pregnancy to term, mama and papa were so happy. The next three years were the most profound years of their life. Living hand to mouth as the harsh economic times took a toll on them.

Mia was different, mama says, by the time she was two she was already speaking and helping out in the house. She was enrolled in school at three albeit papa’s refusal. He felt that she was too young. She blended well in school and was top of her class by grade eight. Mia’s  performance was exemplary and by the time she was joining high school, she received a fully paid scholarship till university. The scholarships were timely, mama would later tell me and they helped the financial burden. Not only was Mia bright but she had also picked skills by watching mama and people around her that she used to make some money to help with the house expenses.

Time seems to have just flown by and here we are again. Mia will be leaving for University this weekend and we as her family are having a sendoff in her honor. She will be away for five years and during this time, I am expected to navigate through life without her and curve my own path.

Mia, again, I am proud of you and your achievements. Thank you for helping me curves my own path. Thank you that despite the challenges we have faced, you have fought them head strong. I will not match your brilliance but I sure will take after your footsteps. I you I have a sister, a second mother and a best friend. My dear sister, as I pen my goodbye today, my heart sings simply because you get to see you leave to pursue your dream. All your years of hard work have paid off and today we celebrate you.

I love you Mia,

Your Sister, Maya.

My Dear Sister.