A Story Behind the Glory – Kate Actress ‘Selina ‘ Reveals her Acting Journey

Catherine Kamau popularly known by her stage name ‘Selina’ ,is a popular actress who’s an inspiration to many . Many of her fans look up to her for her acting prowess as well as her successful acting career. The mother of two who doubles up as a social media influencer is married to Philip Kimani.

Upcoming actors and actresses crave taking huge steps in their acting careers but some areĀ  oblivious of the fact that the celebrated actor has hustled her way up.The actress started out as a character ‘Selina’ on the mother-in-law show and grew her way up. She has also landed an endorsement for Harpic making her a well-recognised brand ambassador to the company.

Cate however left mother in law show and took a 3 year break as she tried to market her new show ‘Sue and Jonnie’ however many producers weren’t ready to invest in her show and termed her as expensive. Cate is a popular host on social media thanks to her persistence all through the years.

Cate took to her Facebook page to point out to her fans that the journey is not for the weak.

“It takes time. I started acting at 21 and now am 33 now. That means I have over the years built an audience that has literally grown with me, it doesn’t happen overnight.It’s a journey, there has been sweat and tears. I have had major wins and terrible fail in this journey.But I never give up. I have chosen never to arrive because success is a journey not a destination.So my dear young follower , your vision is valid. Keep your peace.Roll with a squad with vision. Stay prayed up. (Gods guidance is everything) . Remember there’s always a story behind the glory.Write yours ,at your own pace sweetheart. You get this child. With love , Aunty Kate’

The voluptuous actress fell pregnant at the age of nineteen . This infuriated her parents, nevertheless , they were quite supportive and she has continued to win in her career. Her pregnancy at a tender age, didn’t deter her from reaching out for greatness.