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Our Audience

Our audience is mostly comprised of millennials from age 18 to 40.

60% of those readers are located in Nairobi county while the other 40 are distributed almost equally to the other counties.

According to Google analytics, our bounce rate is really low, averaging 30% in one month since our guests typically visit 3 or 4 pages every time they log on to our website and spend at least one minute interacting with the content on our website.

Site Ranking

A quick analysis of our site on the Alexa Rank system and you will notice that our site ranks at 5,542,573 worldwide, which is a tremendous improvement from the previous 8,081,983. All these gains were made within one month and we’re optimistic that we will be among the top million sites on the internet before the end of 2020.

Banner Placements

The kind of advertisements offered on our website are banner placements.

We have two kinds of banners to offer:

  • 728*90 pixels – this banner that goes under the excerpts on the homepage, before and after post content at the bottom of the site.
  • 300*250 pixels – this banner goes on the right sidebar next to the post content and halfway through the post content.

Advertising Rate

At the moment we only offer CPM (Cost Per Mile) advertising rates which go at KShs 100 for every 1000 views.


You can reach us through the form listed below if you would like to advertise with us.