Akothee in tears as adopted son Shadrack Akoth is Finally able to walk again

In summary

• Akothee’s crippled adopted son, Shadrack Mwita is one lucky man, after his mom decided to save his life from his wheelchair sentence.

• Shadrack who had lost one of his legs years back, is finally able to walk again after he was bought a new prosthetic leg by his adopted mother.

• ‘Abebo’ hitmaker Akothee, watched her son tearfully as he took his first steps after a long time.

Controversial musician Akothee, is widely known for her selflessness and philanthropic lifestyle.It was no different when one day he bumped into Shadrack, a crippled boy on the streets.

Shadrack had lived most of his life on the streets as a mere beggar but the mother of five willingly took him out of his misery and into her home, where he currently stays.

After taking in the young man, Akothee offered him his first wheelchair which had been donated to her agency by Embakasi MP Babu Owino.

She followed this by showering her adopted son with new clothes and shoes while ensuring he is well taken care of.

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Akothee’s generosity did not stop there. In an effort to help Shadrack walk, she paid for the installation of a new prosthetic leg for him.

The young lad who did not have the capacity to walk for a long time, was finally able to take his first steps.

Mwita was admitted to hospital last week to undergo a ‘knee anthroplasty’ surgery which was very successful.

It even came as a surprise that the boy was strong enough to walk having not moved his legs for such a long period of time.

Shadrack could not hold his joy back on his transformation and took to Instagram to express gratitude to his ‘mom’ for changing his life.

“Nyimbo nimemwimbia mamangu. Amenitoa kwa streets, akanifanya mimi Mwita mwana wake, akanipa miguu. Mama nikushukuru vipi lakini.”

Akothee was moved to tears by the young man’s progress leaving him an emotional statement on her Instagram handle.

“I don’t know why I’m still crying. Shadrack Mwita Akoth my son is on his feet.” Wrote madam Boss.

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