An Angry Rudra Kartel Warns Magix Enga to Stay Away from His Life and Music

“Nakwambia ivi wewe kama unaniona Magix Enga, achana na mimi na maisha yangu kabisa. Unadanganya watu unanisaidia na hakuna kitu unanisaidia nayo. Nini niko nayo kubwa?”

(Stay away from my life Magix Enga. You lie to people that you’re helping me but look at me, what do I have to show for it?) Speaking directly to Magix Enga, a disappointed Rudra warned.

Dancehall sensation Rudra Kartel has gone viral after releasing a video trashing Magix Enga who allegedly used his music for the producer’s personal gains while leaving Rudra in the wind with nothing to show for his hard work.

According to the artist, Magix opened his fan pages for him promising to market him.

However, Rudra has never received a single penny for any of the projects he did.

Rudra recorded the video trying to explain to his fans why he has not been releasing any new music.

The artist blamed Magix for denying him the freedom to drop new songs.


He informed his fans that music producer Magix Enga reports any songs he releases on Youtube where after they are taken down.

“Mafans wangu, mnaweza shindwa kwa nini Rudra amenyamaza ivo hatoi ngoma? Mimi, kuna mtu ananinyima freedom, Magix Enga. Anareport vitu YouTube zenye nmetoa na watu wengine,” the artist lamented.

Rudra claimed that Enga is also forcing him to sign under his label while lying to all his fans that Kartel is already signed under Magix Empire.

“Magix Enga anawaonyesha ati nilisign, mbona asiwaonyeshe nikirarua iyo contract nikikataa kusign? Mi sina ID na yeye anajua. Ananiambia ati nikitoka Magix Enga sitakua star. Anajaribu kuforce nini?”

Rudra cried that Magix is making it look like he is signed under him so he wouldn’t be able to produce his songs with anybody else.

Producer Magix told the artist that he would get cash when he starts performing at shows.

However, that has not been possible because of the Corona Virus outbreak.

Rudra ended the video asking for help from his fans and performed one of his latest songs.