Andrew Kibe explains why he had an altercation with the police

Andrew kibe

Kiss 100 radio presenter Andrew Kibe was in a major confrontation with the  Kenya police on Friday in an unidentified public parking area.

From the video, the controversial radio host was exchanging words with three policemen who surrounded him and a friend near a navy blue vehicle with many onlookers staring at them.

Initially, the circumstances that led t his altercation with the police were unclear but the radio presenter came clean and disclosed what happened to him.

His Kiss 100 co-presenter Kamene Goro asked him what happened on air after much concern from  Instagram netizens pressured her to Investigate the matter from Kibe. Kibe said he encountered harassment by Kenyan police for no apparent reason.

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During the Morning Kiss show, Kibe said that he was just going about his day in a shopping center where he could receive multiple services at once before he heads home. The carefree radio presenter left his vehicle at the parking for carwashing services as he did other things within the area.

Kibe then proceeded to his local barbershop to get a haircut and later have a meal with beer. Upon finishing his business and paying his bill, he was shocked to see a large group of people running toward their vehicles. This prompted him to go and check what the commotion was about yet the initial 7 pm curfew had not commenced.

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Being the brave man he is, Kibe decided to inquire from the security officer what was happening only to find the gate locked and the watchman missing. He was then shocked to see a huge police truck at the gate with several policemen.

People are laughing and making fun about it  we felt like we were under seige out of the fear- He said.

Kibe added that when he was about to enter his car, he decided to inquire from the policemen why they were arresting people unfairly and they were quick to accuse him of incitement.

Lakini mnashika wasee kwanini?Why are you arresting people yet there is no crime being commited?He questioned the policemen.

The policeman then felt offended by Kibe’s questioning and lifted his rungu and pointed at him but Kibe dared him to no to try.

If i die today I am dying with you don’t joke with me!Usini inulie hio kitu,you are a Kenyan like me mother f***cker!-Kibe argued

Andrew kibe later disclosed that the police raided the area because they were targeting the bar owner in the social amenity and he could not allow himself to be arrested unfairly thus the altercation with the men in uniform.

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