Armed Men Rob Supermarket Disguised as COVID health workers


Criminal activities did not come to a standstill even as the COVID19’s lockdown measures intensified.

As a matter of fact, it only prompted thieves to come up with cleverer ways to rob their prey.

Just the other day in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, a gang of four armed men made their way into Checkers Supermarket and managed to walk away with an impressive amount of money.

The men arrived at the supermarket in the early hours of the morning fully dressed as health department officials claiming to be there for a routine health inspection.

They requested to see the manager of the store and one member of the supermarket’s staff escorted them to his office.

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On entering the manager’s office, the four armed men ordered the store manager and employee to lie on the floor.

After which they collected and made away with 200,000 South African Rand which is equivalent to ksh 1.25 million.

They ran out through the store’s main entry to their getaway car which is now being looked for by the police officers.

According to KZN SAPS Spokesperson, Jay Naicker, the store’s safe was open at the time.

This proved that this the thieves had help from an inside guy as they happened to know just the right time to rob the place.

The supermarket’s staff reported that they thought the men were just ordinary health officers who were checking if COVID 19 measures like social distancing were being observed.

Businesses have been warned to take extra caution when any official looking people approach them claiming to be working for the government and not let just anyone into their premises.

Business managers have been asked to make sure they ask for identification and look for anything suspicious of anyone parading as a government official, be it police officers, county officials or health workers before allowing them to go on with their business.

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