Assignment ya Mungu :Christina Shusho Reveals why she Seperated With her Husband


Popular gospel musician Christina Shusho has come out clean to address rumours on her separation with her husband. This new move comes few days after Netizens speculations arose due to Shusho’s new way of life. Shusho has since stopped attending her husband’s church services.

The two are no longer seen in the company of each other and Shusho hardly posts her husband on her social media platforms. Shusho has even gone ahead to move out of her matrimonial home. Keeping her family off her social media platforms raised so much concern among her fans. The celebrated musician however had a thing to say about her choice to keep her family off her social media platforms.

“Siposti picha ya familia yangu sababu haileti pesa. If it doesn’t bring anything , why post ?”

Addressing the concern on
seperating with her husband, Shusho claimed that she had a new calling from God . The musician has already started her own church , the dreamer centre and it’s yet to be completed. Her move on keeping her wedding ring away probably serves the purpose of making her concentrate on the ministry.

“Ukweli ni kwamba ni assignment tu, there’s nothing different other than that. Ni assignment tu ambayo nimekuta Mungu amenipa kipindi hiki. Kwa hivyo ni lazima nitoke ni fulfil assignment”

The talented musician cum fashion enthusiast seems to be much enthralled in God’s work to the point of sacrificing her marriage. Being born and raised by religious parents provided to her a background for her ministry . Shusho got saved at the age of fifteen . Since then, she has never turned back from the gospel.
The mother of three met her husband, John Shusho in the ministry where she turned out to be a member of his choir. When the group split, Shusho took a different path and settled on being a solo artist. Immediately after clearing her high school education , Christina married the love of her life in an elegant ceremony. Their recent fallout maybe nothing to write home about especially because the two are staunch christians endorsed in the ministry . Maybe after Shusho is done with the assignment, she’ll get back to her matrimonial home and work on her marriage.