Azziad’s Message to Haters as she clocks 20


Tik tok Kenyan star, Azziad Nasenya has finally clocked twenty . The actress broke into fame a
fter the Utawezana challenge which deemed her to be a very flexible and talented lass. The university going student is a rare combination of beauty , brains and talent.
The east Africans finest took to her social media platforms to thank God for the many years of blessings. She too had a message to her haters claiming that they had no special chance in her life.

..”.well here I am turning ,20 this Tuesday 16th and still living that old dream I had since I was a kid. I have not gotten there but my journey just started. Your dreams are valid don’t ever give up.”

The social media enthusiast broke into fame in a short period of time and had thousands of followers on her social media platforms. Recently, she concurred that her fame was accompanied with so much hate which spiked from her fans turned foes. The latter claimed that many speculated that she wouldn’t last long in the industry.

“..she is overrated they say, she ain’t talented, they add. She will wear off , some pray, and many more that I may not be able to uote… I’ve cried myself to sleep asking myself The Almighty what I have done to deserve all these at only nineteen, seeing and asking how cruel the world can be against an innocent soul. But after several days of darkness and blaming myself , I wiped my tears and decided that it’s time to work.”
Her foes’ speculations were false since the beauty has been landing endorsements, a thing that has made her realize her dreams. She recently had a collabo with Ringtone in his new jam, ‘zoea kupigwa mawe’ .
Azziad also landed a role in Selina , a job she took wholeheartedly ,
“Tonight is the night.Finally ready to share with everyone , what I have been cooking up in the last few months. Tonight I’ll be making a debut on a very popular local show. Tune in to Maisha Magic…”