Babu Owino and Anne Kiguta have a heated Argument on Live TV


In an interview on K24 TV’s Punchline, presenter Anne Kiguta came at loggerheads with Embakasi MP Babu Owino over the case of DJ Evolve who was shot by the MP.

In the Interview, Kiguta tried asking Babu several questions regarding the DJ’s health while he lies in hospital.

MP Babu refused to answer any of the questions saying that the matter was in court and he was not allowed to publicly speak about it.

The MP was first accused of trying to distract citizens from the shooting incident which he was involved in by hosting online high school mathematics classes on YouTube.

Babu said that his teaching program was not a publicity stunt.

He intends to educate and help remove Kenyan students from the slums through his educational program.

Journalist Ann also read out a number of hateful comments by Kenyans regarding the MP’s education program. Kenyans said that the MP was using his political power to escape justice even when DJ Evolve’s shooting was clearly recorded on camera.

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“You shot someone on pointblank range. He is still in hospital. You still have a bill to clear. You are a monster created by your political benefactors and they will tire off you.” One Kenyan wrote.

Countering Anne Kiguta, Babu read out positive comments that were said about his program. One of them said,

“Babu Owino is doing a good job to help our children.”

K24’s Anne Kiguta continued pressing the MP by asking several more questions regarding the DJ. Babu answered her by saying;

“What I will tell you Anne is simple; this is a matter before a court of law and it is subjudice. Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been handcuffed? Yes or no. If you discuss this matter, those people are going to arrest you.”

Anne continued by telling the MP that he should resign because as per the constitution, after committing such a crime a member of parliament should be laid off from the office.

Babu got angry and told the presenter that since it seems she had her own answers talk about, she should share them with the viewers.

Watch the video below.

[videopress no1wVXwb]


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