A few days after making light work of high school Mathematics, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino will this Friday take candidates through Chemistry as they prepare for their future examinations when life gets to normalcy. Many people applauded him for his wit and efforts as he intelligently solved sets of equations effortlessly. This is not new since he has a degree in Actuarial Science.

The member of parliament’s efforts did not go unnoticed and he promised more educational material for form four candidates in the coming weeks.

Just above his circulating poster he wrote, ”Stay tuned Live on FRIDAY 2 PM on my Facebook verified account Babu Owino and Instagram @he.babuowino as I will be leading CHEMISTRY KCSE REVISION. Kindly inform the candidates you know to tune in with a pen and paper. Hii itakuwa noma you must watch.”

However, his scheduled online teaching plan may be put to a halt after reports have emerged that he has been barred from teaching his online audience. Allegedly, the Ministry of Education has barred the M.P  from educating his audiences through his social media platforms, citing a lack of professionalism and that Babu Owino could easily mislead students due to his known character.

Babu Owino is yet to respond to the matter. Kenyans on Twitter were additionally disappointed with the ministry’s decision and said they were more concerned with the learning material other than Babu Owino’s Character.