Bad Breath Behind your Mask? 5 Home Remedies to change that.

Keep your mouth hydrated

Bad breath coming from your mouth is caused by bacteria which builds up from small food particles stuck in your teeth.

The moisture in your saliva helps in frequently killing this bacteria leaving your mouth with a fresher scent.

A dry mouth is the haven for bacteria as they thrive and multiply very fast in such conditions.

You should therefore rinse out your mouth first thing in the morning and whenever you notice any foul smell coming from your mouth.

In order to keep your mouth hydrated throughout the day, you should drink lots of water for your body. Approximately 2 Litres of water per day is recommended.


These fruits are not only a good source of vitamins but are also known to help in treating bad breath.

Research has shown that vitamin C, the compound present in oranges helps boost saliva production which washes out the smelling bacteria present in your mouth.

Lemons are also a good alternative. You can add lemon to the water you drink or add a spoonful of lemon juice in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it.

Clean your Tongue

Studies have shown that an uncleaned tongue is the major cause for bad breath in your mouth.

During the brushing process, most people skip brushing the tongue which actually hoards most of the bacteria.

You must brush your tongue every morning to get rid of dead cells and bacteria which leave your mouth smelling.

The X method is the most effective way for brushing your tongue. Brush diagonally across your tongue, then straight down the middle.

Note: If your tongue has a white film it is dirty and full of bacteria. A clean tongue retains its pinkish colour.

Chew Gum

After you take your meals, you can opt to chew on a sugar free chewing gum to help in combating your bad breath.

Gum helps in removing the trapped food particles stuck in between your teeth leaving no room for foul smelling bacteria to thrive in your mouth.

Adjust your Diet

Sometimes bad breath is caused by the foods we eat. To prevent bad breath, avoid foods that are too spicy, onions and garlic.

Excessively sugary foods are also linked to bad breath.

Another thing to reduce from your diet if you are avoiding bad breath is caffeine and alcohol.