Beauty Pageants in Kenya

For any seasoned model, they can tell you for a fact that beauty pageants are the gatekeepers to the modelling industry. Over the years, models have not failed to impress in each successive event. The events have become so big that they have partnered with international franchises to take Kenyan models international. Over the last decade, Kenyan models have always had a spot in one of the major pageants in the world. Although we’ve never won the major international crowns, we’ve come really close. Here is a list of some of the most well-known beauty pageants in the country for those of you who would like to participate.

NOTE: Beauty pageants held by universities are not listed here except Miss Universities Kenya.

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  1. Miss World Kenya
  2. Miss Universe Kenya
  3. Miss Environment Kenya
  4. Miss Tourism Kenya
  5. Miss Africa Calabar
  6. Miss Planet International
  7. Miss Supranational Kenya
  8. Miss International
  9. Miss Intercontinental Kenya
  10. Miss Supranational
  11. Miss Progress Kenya
  12. Face of Beauty International
  13. Miss Landscapes International
  14. Miss University Kenya
  15. Mr & Miss Autism Kenya
  16. Mr & Miss Albinism

This list will be continually updated.

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