Being a Keroche heiress; Anerlisa Muigai’s untold story

Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai is a middle-aged Kenyan entrepreneur and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NERO Company Limited– a mineral water manufacturing plant that produces, sells, and markets executive and premium still water in Kenya.

She is also a fitness enthusiast who documents her fitness journey on social media whilst selling her diet plans,work-outs, and weight loss secrets on her android and IOS applications so as to inspire many. The young entrepreneur is also the Keroche Breweries heiress and a daughter to Keroche Breweries CEO, Tabitha Karanja, and Joseph Karanja who is the co-founder and chairman of Keroche Breweries.

Born on 9th January 1988, the young and beautiful lass has been an inspiration to many through her business success at Nero Limited and her dramatic weight loss transformation through consistency. Anerlisa’s notable accomplishments which she has achieved so early prove that one is never too young to make big moves in business.

Business and Family life

Anerlisa and her father, Joseph Karanja.

Anerlisa grew up in Naivasha, Karai Village, with her four siblings namely Edward, James, and the late Tecra Muigai Karanja who passed on in May 2020 following an accident. Contrary to many, Anerlisa and her siblings were raised in a very humble background and an average life in Naivasha.

The Nero Company owner once revealed that her 70-year-old father Joseph Karanja was once was a charcoal burner, and Keroche Breweries established when he was 50 years old.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa joined the world of business at the tender age of 25, and following her parent’s footsteps in business, she started her company after her university studies in the U.K.She was inspired to start up her own company after watching her business-minded parents working tirelessly to build Keroche and she wanted to show them she is equally hardworking by putting what she had learned from them into practice.

The soft-spoken CEO then started Nero Company Limited which manufactures and distributes premium bottled water such as Executive Still Water and Life Still Water. Executive Still Water was designed to provide the highest quality of water in a luxury package.

The design of her premium mineral water was driven by her need to work with a more appealing looking bottle with a unique natural taste as opposed to the Kenyan water that she found salty.

The shape of her bottle was inspired by her favorite champagne and venturing into the already existing mineral water business was difficult but in 2013, her business has since bloomed up to date.

She shared in an interview that introducing her products to the Kenyan market was difficult because many retailers assumed the water was very expensive without asking the price and the retailers often confused her Executive still water with alcohol and turned in down. Eventually, her products were received well due to its affordability and exquisite design.

Currently, the elegant looking Executive Drinking Mineral water is one of the top-most on-demand Brands on Supermarket shelves, bars, and restaurants especially due to its Bottle’s Striking Beauty and water quality.

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Executive premium water.

Anerlisa at her Factory

Overcoming Obesity

Anerlisa  before and after weight loss

After years of struggling with an overeating disorder that led to her being obese, depressed, and frustrated with her physique, Anerlisa joined the weight-loss bandwagon and began shedding kilos gradually.

Anerlisa before weight loss

Her obesity condition and eating disorder saw her weight hit 124kgs over the years and her dress size made it impossible for her to find clothes restricting her to only three outfits or custom made clothes.

After years of fighting depression and low self-esteem, Anerlisa broke down on one fateful day and decided enough was enough and took matters into her hands. When she lost weight her mother, Tabitha Karanja gifted her a handbag that is estimated to cost around KSh 2.5 million.

Have you ever reached that point in your life where everyone thinks you have everything but deep down you feel you have nothing? Well, that’s how I felt last year when I was 124kgs. My world had crashed, I didn’t look forward to the next day, I had only 3 clothes that fit my size 24 body, I completely stopped loving myself, simple things like hair and nails were a mission to do. I hated everything around me, I also hated anyone who commented about my weight, just ate like a pig, to be honest. What even hurt most was seeing screen munches of people discussing about my weight and making fun of it. My family worried about me especially my mother who used to look straight into my eyes with her teary eyes begging me to lose weight. I avoided family functions because I didn’t like any comments about what I ate.

The Nero CEO indulged herself with intense exercise training for 8 months that made her lose nearly half her weight thus dropping the extra kilos to 64 kg as of 2018.

Motivate yourself with what eats you most, for me all the mean things i heard people discussing about my obese body, motivated me to work harder. Success is the best revenge but remember you are doing this for yourself and for your health. Have a great day, God blessings.’’ She once said.

After and Before

Anerlisa’s dramatic weight loss made the business mogul more curvaceous with an hourglass figure that she regularly flaunts on her social media pages. Despite her remarkable transformation, critics were quick to point out that she did not lose her excess weight naturally but instead went under the knife.

Networth and properties

As a young and successful businesswoman, Anerlisa’s net worth is likely to be millions. The Keroche heiress has earned her money by working hard Despite coming from a wealthy family and being successful at a young age.

She spoils herself and her taste for the finer things in life is seen through luxury vacations, expensive designer clothes, and shoes, and high-end vehicles. The beautiful lass is known to drive expensive cars such as Range Rover, and Mercedes Benz S Class. The gorgeous lady also pays almost KSh 200,000 for salon services and when she lost weight her mother, Tabitha Muigai gifted her a handbag that is estimated to cost around KSh 2.5 million.

Anerlisa is also believed to live in a posh neighborhood located in Nairobi Riverside Drive but she currently resides in Tanzania with her husband Ben Pol.

Anerlisa flaunting her fleet of cars.

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Anerlisa and her husband Benpol.

Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai is officially off the market as she finally got married to her long time boyfriend Ben Pol also known as Benard Michael Paul Mnyang’anga on Sunday, May 31st, 2020. The two celebrated their union in a private ceremony in Tanzania after leaked photos of the beautifully themed wedding were shared by Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare via his Instagram stories.

The gorgeous business mogul walked down the aisle in an invite-only affair that took place in Tanzania a year after her proposal. Her attempts to keep the ceremony lowkey didn’t go well after a popular Tanzanian wedding cake vendor, shared pictures of the beautiful wedding cake used in the ceremony and this prompted various bloggers to share images and videos of the intimate ceremony.

Ben proposing to Anerlisa

The newlyweds sealed the deal early last year when Benpol popped the question to Anerlisa by the beach and the beauty responded with a big yes. The couple currently resides in Tanzania and  Ben Pol popped the magic question on marriage to Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai with an Sh1.1 million ring.

Previously, Anerlisa was dating a man named Don Mbugua for six months before their publicized relationship hit the rocks. Through her Instagram stories, the fitness enthusiast revealed that they broke up because her ex-lover did not want to be in the limelight since she is a  very famous public figure.

Anerlisa and her EX Don Mbugua



He said he’s feeling me but he doesn’t want the spotlight… he loves his quiet life and I was like ‘your wish is my command baby.

Don Mbugua then came out to speak saying that Anerlisa ought to respect him since he’s a married man with a kid after Anerlisa publicly accused him of selling her stories to bloggers for Ksh. 20,000 after being dumped.

Anerlisa later moved on with Benpol, who is her husband after dating for close to two years.


Apart from her weight loss critics, Anerlisa has never been involved in any major controversies apart from accusations of going under the Knife to lose her weight and duping Kenyans with weightloss applications and fad diets.

One of the people previously linked to the beauty once revealed that Anerlisa Muigai underwent liposuction and a gastric bypass, a claim Anerlisa Muigai has denied several times. She only admitted to having laser treatments to have her stretch marks removed from the affected areas of her skin.

From many social media reactions, the majority of netizens are of the opinion that Anerlisa uses surgery for fat removal then lies to Kenyans that the weight loss is natural.


Anerlisa is among the three Kenyans named among 40, Under-40 African Business Icons by Business Elites Africa magazine. She has bagged the runners up position in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year at the Young Entrepreneurs Awards organized by Bizna.

She was recognized for not focusing on her family’s riches and instead of launching a multi-million company, NERO, which manufactures premium drinking water targeting those with class and style.

Her Executive Water is one of the topmost on-demand brands on supermarket shelves in Kenya. She has also given employment opportunities to many Kenyans who work at her water manufacturing plant in Naivasha.

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