Cycling is important for our day to day lives but not most people do it. It is beneficial to our well being but one would prefer driving or taking a bus to a certain destination rather than cycle their and breaking a little sweat instead.

You can make your life better just by cycling. You can even make it a sport by going for a hike, a race or participating in cycling marathon or a triathlon. Cycling also saves your money whereby you don’t have to fuel it like cars and its good to the environment. In this post you will find the benefits, types of bikes, where to find them, their prices, upcoming cycling races and bicycle accessories.


Cycling in itself is really fun and it allows you to be fit during the process, and to be fit you have to be physically active apart from following a diet plan. Cycling is also fit for all ages from children who can start on training wheels to adults.

Other benefits include;

  • Improved posture and movement.
  • Decreased depression, anxiety and stress levels.
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and builds muscles.
  • Decreased body fat levels.
  • Increased strength, strong bones and aerobic fitness.
  • Helps lose weight. Whereby you can burn 300 calories in a day and 2000 calories per week when riding once every day for 30 minutes or more.
  • Cycling betters your lung health.
  • Prevents or manages serious diseases such as: stroke, heart attack, some cancer, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis.


  • Riding a bicycle is time efficient as a mode of transport, it also helps avoid traffic jam.
  • It is easy to fit it into your daily routine because it causes less strain than other exercises like gym workouts and once you learn how to ride you never forget.
  • It is good for stamina and strength.
  • Affordable than cars and good for the environment.

Now that you know a bit about how cycling can help you in your day to day life and health, here are top five picks on types of bikes you can use.

  1. Road bikes. – Used to travel at speeds on paved roads or for racing.
  2. Mountain bikes. – Designed for off road cycling on rocky places and best suited for hiking
  3. Fitness hybrid bikes. – Helps with fitness for daily commute and weekend exercises.
  4. Sport hybrid bikes. – Comfortable for sports also called dual sports hybrid.
  5. Comfort hybrid bikes. – General-purpose bike that has features from road, touring and mountain bikes making them stable, comfortable and easy to use by all age groups.

There are three legit places where you can buy or hire bicycles especially in Nairobi and the best part is that they have an online platform or website where you can easily shop;

  1. Nai Cycloville Kenya.
  2. Bike and Sports ltd.
  3. Cycle land ltd.

You can also buy them from Jumia, jiji.com or Kilimall which are online platforms, supermarkets or local business bicycle shops, with prices ranging from three thousand Kenyan shillings to about thirty thousand Kenya.


For upcoming cycling races you can check out:

  • Cycling fest – Kasarani National Stadium on December 7th.
  • C2C prep rides – Quins bar Ngong road on December 7th.
  • Water rafting, kayaking, archery, cycling – road trip on December 08.

To find out more about these events, and more upcoming ones, visit all events website at allevents.in and you can plan to go have fun with similar minded people at these social events.


Having a bicycle is like having your own simple car and to get the best experience throughout, you will need a starter pack and accessories for the whole thing. They are not a must, but having them will make things easy and more comfortable for you.

  • Water bottle holder.
  • Helmet.
  • Riding shoes.
  • Bicycle lock.
  • Bike pump.
  • Microshift sunglasses.
  • Riding clothes.
  • Water bottle.
  • Hand gloves.

With the rate of people buying cars every year increasing, air pollution will become a hazard apart from manufacturing companies, we need to save our environment and we can do so by cycling which will also in turn help us with our health.