Betty Kyallo , K24 ex-news anchor has purchased a new and expensive German machine few days after she announced her exit from the media station. The celebrated and talented news anchor flaunted her newly acquired  Porsche Cayenne SUV which prices at (7,128,233 Million).This is now an extra ride as she owns a Mercedes Benz in her car collection. Her photos were accompanied by the caption

.” Gotta move differently if you want different. Another one is home.This time white .”

Photos of her posing next to The snow-white Porsche on social media got her fans talking. Some celebrated her wins including her colleagues in the media industry .

Her purchase comes at a time when the country is facing tough economic times and when several people are battling with the new norm which includes the upsurge of jobs and cutting down of allowances for employees in the Corporate world.

The Tv siren had recently announced that she would shift her salon,  ‘Flair by Betty ‘from Kilimani and Netizens were convinced that the beauty was going broke. Betty however proved them wrong since she flaunted her new house that’s under renovation through her platform on YouTube.

Betty informed her fans of her exit on a post on social media dubbed :

“I really appreciate you all. It’s now time for me to say goodbye here on K24 TV if we meet again great. If not, you know how you can get me on all my social media platforms Instagram , Facebook and YouTube. Betty Kyallo lately it’s going to be popping  and we are going to be doing great things there.”

The business enthusiast is a mother of one. She’s Dennis Okari’s ex wife. Okari is a popular journalist too working with NTV. She parted ways with the anchor few months after their grand wedding .Recently , she told her fans that she was ready to settle but with a Divorcee. A man who understands the pain of divorce and who would be ready to put in the work that relationships come with.