Betty Kyalo on why she parted ways with ”somali bae”

Betty Kyalo hiding Somali bae.

Former K24 News anchor betty Kyalo spoke to Jalang’o on his Bonga na Jalas live show that airs on Youtube.

The former Tv siren shared her journey into the media industry and how she has managed to stay relevant despite regular controversies that attract both fans and haters into her highly publicized life.

The mother of one said she is fine having haters and trolls provided she is happy,

Even Jesus the son of God was hated and loved.So who is Betty not to experience the same?By the way,I love the ones who hate me and love my fans more.Watu hawanijui sana and people read whatever they want from the blogs-She laughed off

Betty also shared the challenges she encountered as a child while growing up in Rongai and it made her hate poverty to a point of working hard to achieve her life ambitions.

We used to eat ugali,pumkin and strong tea when I was young,My mother can attest to that.In Rongai, life was soooo haaard.I hated poverty and said I will do everything that is right to improve myself and work hard so that I am not poor anymore. That is what I am doing right now I will never ever accept poverty.Right now I am on the right track.

Jalang’o also asked Betty why she decided to ‘fire herself’ from k24 despite the recently circulating rumours that she was laid off from the media firm.



The sensation said she felt it was right to leave K24 because she had put many years Into building her brand and she felt unappreciated.

I’ve build my brand with passion,commitment,love and hardwork and when i feel i am not being appreciated enough,Najitoa.Its not always about money there is so much to look out for you want to be appreciated,supported,to be given clarity.You want to know no matter what, this organization loves me and takes care of my brand.

On matters of dating, Betty revealed that she is in good terms with her EX husband and baby daddy Dennis Okari and they are currently co-parenting their daughter Ivanna effortlessly.

Jalango was curious to know about her current relationship status by asking who was ‘enjoying her’ lately and what transpired between her and her Somali bae.


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Betty and Somali bae.

Betty laughed and  said;

You know, sometimes things don’t work out with some people and its fine and okay.I don’t know why we have so much stigma when it comes to relationships and how you should act and you must stay forever.Sometimes things work out and sometimes they hit a rock and mnaachana vizuri.Things didn’t work out and you move on.

She confessed that her relationship with her Somali bae did not work out unfortunately and she is okay with her current situation as a single woman living off her hard work.

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The ever-smiling media celebrity was rumoured to have dated Mombasa governor Hassan Joho at one time after divorcing Dennis Okari although she has in the past neither confirmed or denied the allegations.

The outspoken anchor, who boasts a huge following on social media, revealed she had learnt from some mistakes she made in the past and will be taking a one year break before getting into another serious relationship.

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