Brightburn is certainly something new in the superhero genre. It subverts almost all the regular superhero cliches in this darker take on what many people are calling a darker superman storyline.

The story follows the life of young Brandon Bryer who, just like Clark, is an alien from a foreign planet who landed in a farm belonging to a couple who struggled to have children. The parents were good to him and he had a decent childhood, until his ship starts calling out to him.

I really enjoyed the movie for the most part but what I didn’t like was that Brandon was just evil for the sake of being evil. His actions really had no motivation and he wasn’t driven by anything to do whatever he was doing. At least for the most part.

One could argue that he’s behaving that way because he’s just a misguided kid, but that would be far from the truth. Brandon actually had a very good upbringing. He had no reason to go dark, other than the ship thingy that kept pushing him over the limit. But this appears to be a very shallow reason for him to go dark as fast as he did.  I didn’t like that aspect of the movie. Even bad guys usually have a motivation that pushes them to being bad. Either they just want something really bad or someone hurt them really bad or something has gotten into them. But in Brightburn, we only get three words, Take the World. One could argue that the ship was controlling him but I doubt as he always seemed to be in control and doing what he wanted, especially after his father tells him that it’s okay to give in to his urges once in a while. I kind of like the way he lasered his dad the way Homelander lasers Madelyn Stillwell in the boys. It’s twisted, I know, but it made for a really cool shot.

Other than that, I really loved the film. The execution was very well done. The story had a way of sucking you in and always leaving you at the edge of your seat not knowing what to expect from this kid. The unique take on the superman character was very welcome as it’s hard to believe that a superpowered kid would never throw a tantrum of epic proportions not even once in his life, the way we’re led to believe in all superman and most other superhero stories.

Brightburn is an awesome feeling and the ending really delivers a kick in the gut unlike most other films. I’d highly recommend it for anyone to watch. Just send the kids to bed first.