Call Polis : Akothee Explains why she Served Her Daughters Alcohol

Popular secular musician Akothee has wowed her fans with photos of her enjoying alcohol with her gorgeous daughters. Other than being a strict disciplinarian, the mother of five is a realist. Her idea of sharing alcohol with her daughters was so that they wouldn’t be lured by men in the name of alcohol.

Her photo in which she toasted with her daughters sparked so much debate among her fans while many concurred that it was the right thing to do. You know, nobody argues with Madam boss.
“I served alcohol with my own children so that no man will dangle a bottle of champagne on their faces and make it look like a very special drink to make one lower their panties, me that used to drink men’s beer and run away. Let it be free will, if they mess up it’s me…”
Akothee’s fans on her Facebook page gave their views on her move,
Minjen Vicky – Thumbs up they are all grown up with energetic brains to get things on their tips. I really adore this family
Sandy Naz- I recall my first Smirnoff ice I was bought for by my papa he took me out I enjoyed the music and drinks, so no man can make me think buying me a drink is a big deal.
Eunice Oghinan- I did that with my daughters too. They have decided they don’t like alcohol. But if you let their friends introduce them they will like it to keep the friendship.
That Akothee faces life’s situations with an open mind is a no brainer. Akothee’s love for her daughters is evident as the mother of five tries by crook to support her daughters in a bid for them to realize their dreams in life.
The apple of her eye, Rue Baby contested for Miss universe Kenya competition. The young lass acknowledged her mother’s efforts in her modelling career.
Veshashailan who was recently undergoing an operation was appointed as the manager of Akothee’s tours and travels company, Akothee’s safaris as well as received a new car on her 21st birthday.
“My baby Veshashailan turns 21 today. Never felt so sweet. On your 19th birthday, I bought you a car. On your 21st birthday, I gave you 40% shares of Akothee safaris so you can pay your bills and fuel your car. I can promise you the world but discipline is key, that’s what made you steal my heart.”
On Vesha’s birthday, Akothee proved to the world that she has high regard for her daughter. Through a message on her social media page, Akothee went ahead to tell her daughter that she didn’t owe her a man not even in her old age.
“…you don’t owe me children or a husband even at fifty. I will never ask you why you ain’t married. Any man who disrespects you should be dumped like a hot pan. Never allow any man to dictate your happiness, you deserve to be loved. I love you and happy birthday CEO,” Akothee posted.