Happy International Men’s day to all the men out there putting constant effort to become better people.

This is a day for men celebrated on the 19th of November every year, but sadly not many countries in the world have set it aside as a holiday to be celebrated like the international women’s day. That does not mean people themselves do not celebrate this day with either their brother, father, boyfriend, husband, grandfather or godfather. Connecting and uniting with these people who always make a difference in our lives and are like the back bone of the family is vitally important. Showing them love and support not only helps with their confidence but also their self-esteem.

Most suicide cases are of men, its the leading cause of death in men. Prostate cancer and brain cancer follow among the leading causes of death in men. The high rate of suicide cases are due to depression and stress where the stereotype of men are not expected to talk about there emotions and feelings, without help others are unable to deal with them because of shame. We should try to break the stigma and drive the importance of mental strength and health, fitness, resilience and wellness. You may find that after a separation or divorce the children are removed from day to day live of the father. Both parents should have equal time with their children unless stated otherwise by a court of law because of either the father’s lack of interest in the children, domestic abuse, drug abuse or due to mental problems he may be having.

In this article, you will get tips on how you can live your life easier, health tips and fashion tips as a man.


Do not bottle up emotions; talk, share, listen and normalize the conversation with those around you. Do not be scared to discuss problems because how else will they be corrected or fixed, just find a calm way to approach these topics and you will see there was nothing to worry about in the first place.

People think that only girls have a problem with how they look, most guys also worry about how they look, what they eat and even their height, wanting to look good and live a healthy life and stay attractive has never being a crime, so you should not worry about what others will think and just do what will help you in the long run. Go to the gym, run and do some exercises it will help you and only you after all.

Financial constraints may cause one to avoid being in a relationship because of the standards of life, that men are the sole bread winners of the family. You will find that this is not true, some girls are never after the money but one being successful is appealing too. If a girl only wants you for your money then she does not deserve you. Not having lots of money should not make you a loner instead be with someone who loves you for you and build each other together.

  1. First tip, exercise, it does not just means going to the gym, you can also do simple star jumps or sit ups at home. Jogging around the area is also a good idea too.
  2. Pass on processed food and eat fresh food from the market.
  3. Coffee is good very early in the morning to start your day because of the antioxidants present in it but having it every morning is not, their is a lot of caffeine in one cup so you should save on calories and switch to tea on other days.
  4. Make your own breakfast. It saves on money too, going to a restaurant every morning is going to cost you more than when you decide to make it yourself.
  5. Eat fruits and drink water everyday. Hydrate to avoid craving of junk foods which are sugar, carbs and salt.
  6. Change your pillow case every now and then. Guys who have a bad case of acne cannot hide this under layers of makeup like girls do, so you need to keep your face clean. Wash your face with a cloth, water and soap and not with your hands. Because you sweat at night and some goes to your pillow, the oil build up on it will cause more acne when you go back and put your face. Avoid doing this and change your pillow case over time putting a clean fresh one.
  7. Basic everyday cleaning routine. Brush your teeth, scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper, floss your teeth, take a shower, put on some Cologne and go on your day as you normally do. You will feel good about your self and confident around others.
  1. Have a wrist watch. It will not only make you look cool but also responsible. It is a small accessory that goes a long way.
  2. Follow the dark/light pattern. If you put on a dark shirt and dark jeans, wear shoes that are white or bright coloured. If you wear dark shoes pair with dark bottoms and have a bright coloured top/shirt.
  3. Make cheap expensive. Tuck in your shirt it always works or pair a loose clothe with a fitted one.
  4. Do not overspend on trendy items because the trends will end and new ones come but buy quality ones that you know are not time based. This brings us to the last point.
  5. Have a wardrobe with clothes that never go out of style. If you want to start a wardrobe collection here are some pieces you need; black jeans, solid t-shirts(some with prints too), accessories like shamballa bracelet or chains, solid sweaters, sneakers( white and black), leather jacket, sweatshirts, denim jackets, button down white shirt, tailored suit and a blazer.
  6. Lastly always wear your clothes with confidence.

As good men you should always break away from all the negativity and find peace in positive vibes only. Enjoy your day.