Celebrity Stylebook: Sandra Dacha

We mostly know her as the utterly hilarious, extremely foodie Silprosa from Auntie Boss. Contrary to her character, Sandra Dacha has one killer fashion sense.

This plus-size beauty seems to love dresses more and she never minds showing some thigh. When it comes to her, confidence and self-love is the order of any day.

Sandra recently turned 30 and even with the quarantine and curfew shenanigans going on, thanks to Covid-19, boy did she slay.

Anytime this lass steps out, she never disappoints. Let’s take some tips from her style book.

  • Always dress your shape

One thing any woman out there must consider. Just because it looks good on someone doesn’t mean it will on you too.

Some outfits will always flatter you more and this Auntie Boss actress definitely knows it. Those short free dresses she dons are a great pick for a plus-size woman.

  • Get off your comfort zone

Don’t put yourself in a certain dress code box. Spice it up every now and then, wear jeans and tees today, go for that beautiful cut out jumpsuit tomorrow and so on.

  • Go for bold colours

Won’t you just love to light up any room you walk into? Well, colours have to be your friend.

Don’t settle for the safe blacks ( even though we still love our LBDs) and browns, splash some bright orange, neon green or mash it up in a killer multicolor outfit like she did with her birthday romper.

  • Be confident

Confidence is actually an accessory in any dapper ensemble. You have to love who you are and show it in every single outfit you wear by being confident.

Sandra is a great advocate for this, therefore it’s no surprise she’s a trendsetter and an inspiration to many.

So there you have it! Tell me, which tip do you think works best for you? Which celebrity would you love us to look at next? Till next time, bye beautiful people.