Comedian Terence Creative narrates his dark days as a Smoking Addict

Comedian Lawrence Macharia popularly known as Terence Creative has come out clean to his social media followers concerning his depressing years as a smoking addict.

As of now, the funny comedian is happily celebrating 2 years and 7 months of quitting his life threatening addiction which he indulged in for 20 years.

Speaking on Twitter, Terence A.K.A Kamamy spoke of all the negative effects he had to face from excessive smoking.

This detrimental habit affected his marriage, financial life, social life, level of creativity and most importantly, his health.

In those years, comedian Terence used to smoke about 2-3 packets of cigarettes per day.

Occasionally when he went clubbing he would also smoke shisha and maybe some weed.

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His friends used to advise him that shisha was safer than tobacco which he actually came to realize was a big lie.

“I used to smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day. When clubbing, I would do shisha as well and weed once in a while. My friends made shisha sound less harmful than cigarettes which is a lie. Every smoke is harmful and can kill.” Terence wrote.

Kamami’s marriage also started failing because of smoking and he remembered how his wife refused to kiss him for over 5 years.

His friends and those close to him could not stand the bad body odor he got from cigarettes.

Even his gums started bleeding.
Things did not stop there.

The comedian lost some of his jobs as he could not quit his habit. People lost their respect for him and would even pay him with cigarettes after they gave him a job.

“People disrespected me and some opted to pay me with smokes. They would say, huyo bora umpelekee fegi atakujenga.”

During his smoking days, Terence thought that cigarettes made him more creative but his creativity continued dwindling as he kept up his habit.

He also suffered from problems in his breathing and his teeth got discoloured by the cigarette smoke.

Lawrence finished off by encouraging all those who are trying to quit their addictions telling them that if he could do it then they could too.

“I’m glad I did quit. You too can quit. It’s not hard. I had smoked for over 20 years. #smokingaintcool #smokingkills #wachafegi.” He said.

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