‘Corona hairstyle.’ Kenyans react to Bahati’s new Hairdo

Kenyans are well acquitted to gospel sensation Bahati’s dramatic tendances which helps him remain controversial in Kenya’s entertainment industry.  
From family drama, to releasing questionable  gospel music, to publicly engaging in feuds with with some of his fellow artists and also, just like this time,  getting funny hairdo’s.
The ‘taniua’ hit maker has today surprised his fans by posting a photo of him, rocking his brand new pink hairstyle on his social media handles. Bahati was curious to know whether his supporters loved his new look or preferred his regular one.
“Brand new hairstyle,  yes or no?”
Tha father of two has long been known for his signature black babylocks. However, those are long gone and his whole head now boasts of a richly dyed pink hair colour. 
This hairstyle has elicited a ton of different reactions from his social media followers. Majority are calling it the ‘Corona hairstyle’ due to the resemblance of Bahati’s spiky head to the image of the virus. 
@MainaMj “Looks like strains of Corona Virus.”
@KabiwaJesus “Bro nakutafta nikunyoe mwenyewe. Diana Marua, how could you let this happen?”
His arch nemesis Willy Paul couldn’t be left behind.
@WillyPozze “Sasa wewe Diana hakukuambia ukweli bro. I’m so dissapointed in you bro.  Ume overdo unakaa pink panther wa masaku hahaha.”
Some of his fans claimed that he is copying gengetone artist’s Odi wa Murang’a look who is widely known for his short pink hair. 
@RishVilleKenya “This belongs to Odi wa Murang’a pekee yake. Unakaa tu ile virus ya corona. “
While another group totally loved the hairstyle and gave him a thumbs up telling him to continue rocking. 
Last year, the EMB CEO had tried to rock long artificial dreadlocks for a change.  But it hugely backfired on him as fans were totally displeased with how ‘ghetto’ the hairstyle is looked.
Many attacked him saying he was failing as a role model to the younger generation.