Couple Goals: Exray and his Girlfriend get Matching Name Tattoos together on their forearms

Exray and his girlfriend Wangui’s relationship continues growing stronger and cuter every day as they continue to bless their fans with photos of the two enjoying life together especially during this quarantine.

The two have been serving couple goals ever since they started dating sometime last year.

Earlier this week, the cute couple decided to solidify their relationship by getting each other’s name tattoed on their forearms.

Exray got his girlfriend’s name ‘Wangui’ beautifully tattoed while Wangui had ‘Exray’s’ name tattoed by Nairobi based tattoo artist, @Zacktattooist254.

Exray uploaded a picture of their inked arms together while bragging to his followers about the status of their relationship.

“Standard of relationship. We can’t beef kaa yenu ni boyfriend na girlfriend. #taniuamovement @zacktattoist254.” He wrote on his Instagram handle.

On another Instagram post he wrote;

“Kamati ya roho chafu si pia mueke tattoo! @zacktattoist kwa bei nafuu.”

Exray’s girlfriend Wangui was exstatic after her boo got a tattoo with her name.

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She could barely hold her excitement and decided to share the wonderful news with her followers.

“F** the blogs. Unfortunately for you the worst y’all can do is comment. Baby finally got my name tattoed. #Inawauma uma.”

Accompanied with with smiling and heart emojis.

The gengetone artist’s girlfriend Wangui became widely known as a dancer and vixen.

She has showcased her twerking skills in many different songs and has worked with several major artists. Such as Ochungulo, Boondocks gang, Kristoff, Sailors and many more.

She is always vibrant and ever smiling when perfoming in any song.

Wangui and Exray’s relationship, being a public one, has had its tough times too.

Just recently, Miracle baby from Sailor’s gang accused Exray’s girlfriend for sleeping with other different men.

Miracle Baby laid out the allegations as they were beefing with Exray.

Exray responded to this allegations saying that he did not have time for such nonsense and that his relationship remains strong as little things like that never shakes them.

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