As she sat  down and marveled at God’s creation over the number years that she had been breathing, she is thankful for so much, mostly because she did not  deserve any of it but because of grace she has received it all. In equal measure she has let her  guard down and let negative emotions take control over her being. She choose not to care because that was the emotion which was taking over at that particular time.

You see,most often that not It is easier not to care and not show our vulnerable side because human beings are very good at taking advantage of that side and it never does end well.

So what happens when you’ve been pinned to the wall and the options are more limited than you thought or expected? Where do you turn to?

Do you flex muscle?

Speak your mind?

Look the other way?

Walk away?

Let Go and Let God?

Take your pick but I will tell you that I have taken all those options at a point in life when I found myself at that corner. Whether they have all worked out positively or not. lets leave it at that but know that there is power in what you decide to do especially when emotions are propelling you in the direction that you think you need to go. (story for another day)

When you think about it, life has at one time handed more than we can chew and it has left a sour taste in our mouth and a pricking thought that has made us think again or better  yet wish things were could be handled differently. So what happens when it looks like the damage has already been done and there is nothing much that can be done?
Life is many things and the more you live , the more you expose yourself, the more you understand that there is something new that you will learn no matter how old you are.So why not let yourself grow, get out of the norm and do something differently, learn a new trade and do not life’s misfortunes get the better of you cause believe it or not, discontent will forever be there, but how you choose to handle it will make or break the entire deal.