Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha Promises to take blogger Edgar Obare to Court


Controversial entertainment blogger Edgar Obare seems to be the first unlucky victim of musician Tanasha Donna’s threat to sue bloggers who have been tarnishing her name falsely in the media.

Speaking on ‘Bonga na Jalas’ the day before yesterday, the ‘Sawa’ hit maker mentioned that she will not sit down and let people spread malicious lies about her personal and business life.

Tanasha told her interviewer Jalas that she had a few name of bloggers who she will be seeing in court very soon.

However, she refused to publicly disclose the names of those she would sue, saying she would only tell Jalas privately.

She also did not share the reason why this said bloggers had gotten on her wrong side.

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Soon after the show, Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha Donna sent an inbox message to the ‘Tea master’ Edgar Obare telling him to get ready to meet her in court.

He informed him to get a good lawyer and have him ready to meet her lawyer.

“Expect a demand letter from my lawyer very soon and get your lawyers ready too because you’ll need them.” Tanasha wrote to Edgar.

Obare was not threatened by the singer’s claim and in a cool manner he tried inquiring the reason as to why Donna wanted to sue him.

Edgar was shocked by the ‘Radio’ hit maker’s move and posted the story on his Instagram handle, asking his fans what problem Tanasha Donna had with him.

Edgar went ahead and told Tanasha that if she really wanted to sue him, she should just do it instead of sending threats.

He promised her that he was very ready for anything that would come his way.

“Is this a PR stunt? People don’t just announce they are coming for you. They just do it, I’ll be here.” Edgar replied to Tanasha.

Edgar Obare, who is famously known for discosing dirty celebrities’ secrets may have pissed off the mother of one after he exposed her to thousands of his fans for having unpaid taxi fees, unpaid dresses among other things.

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