Diamond’s Photographer makes Fun of Khaligraph for photos he took of him and Platnumz


OG Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph Jones recently exposed Diamond Platnumz photographer who refused to send him photos he had taken of the OG at the Sound City Awards.

Khaligraph had taken a few photos with ‘gere’ hitmaker Diamond Platnumz at the event.

Diamond’s photographer had something to say about the allegations.

Speaking on an interview on The Playhouse YouTube channel two weeks ago, Khaligraph Jones exposed lukamba, a photographer who withheld some photos he took of the OG in a past event.

According to the video, Khaligraph Jones had won one of the coveted awards at the 2019 Soundcity MVP awards in Nigeria.

When the rapper was roaming backstage, he happened to bump into the ‘jeje’ hitmaker.

Diamond Platnumz congratulated Jones for representing and gannering a big win for East Africa.

Omollo couldn’t pass up that opportunity and so he took a few photos with Platnumz while holding the ‘best rapper in Africa’ award he had won at the event.

The photos were taken by Diamond’s videographer and photographer Lukamba.

Khaligraph is a big fan of Diamond and so after arriving in the country, he tried to get the photos from Lukamba so he could share them with his Instagram fans.

The videographer refused to send over the pictures and the Og thought it was probably because his boss Diamond had not won any awards in the event.

“I asked him to send me the pictures and he refused I don’t know why. I got his contacts, I was blowing up his phone like, hey send me the pictures you know I’m a big fan of Diamond and I’d really want to post a picture with him holding this award. And the picture never came through.” The OG told his fans.

On hearing this, Lukamba was quick to make fun of Khaligraph.

The photographer told the rapper to stop holding a grudge over such a small thing.

He even told Jones that the next time they meet, he would take a whole album of photos of him and give him the copies right away.

“Dah sijafikia huku..changamoto za card zinataka kunigombanisha na kaka yangu OG. Bro siku tukikutana yaani nakupiga album nzima na kupa hapo hapo.”

Instagram post by @lukambaofficial