Diana Shames Bahati! Top 5 things she Hates about the Singer.


Bahati and Diana having a romantic moment in their home

Diana and her husband Bahati held a couple’s discussion on YouTube where the singer’s wife listed the top 5 things she does not like about him.

Bahati and Diana have been married successfully for three years now and are blessed with two gorgeous children, Heaven and Majesty.

The couple has had its good and bad times as they juggle balancing a public relationship, raising children and Bahati’s controversial music career.

Diana Marua and her children, Heaven and Majesty.

Diana Marua decided to take us deeper into their relationship by mentioning a list of things she despises about her better half.

Firstly, Diana spoke of how she hates it when mtoto wa mama recycles his boxers.

“Each time you go to shower; I organize a fresh pair of boxers for you to wear. You leave the fresh boxers laying there and instead wear the one you had a day before.”

Bahati jumped to his defence and told Diana that such behaviour is normal to men. They can even recycle one boxer for a whole week he said.

Secondly, Diana was bothered by how Bahati leaves toothpaste foam all around his mouth and beard once he is done brushing his teeth.

Diana Marua, Heaven her daughter and Morgan her adopted son.

Bahati claimed that he heads straight to the bathroom after brushing his teeth and thus he will wash any toothpaste foam while he bathes.

Thirdly, Diana did not like how each time she places food on the dining table, Bahati always leaves for the toilet. Before any meal, he heads to the bathroom first.

The singer had to tell his wife that that was what he was used to in his ghetto lifestyle.

“You see when I got lucky to find food when I was young, you had to empty your bowels first to make sure you ate to your fill.”

Marua also does not like how Bahati spends his entire time glued to his phone.

” Even when you should be eating, changing diapers or simply watching a movie with me.” She said.

Lastly, Diana does not enjoy how Bahati takes his bath. She says that the singer always lathers his hands first, scrubs his whole body with his fingers before using his towel. Which is absurd according to her.