Following the cancellation of Bahati’s reality show, DJ Mo and his wife, Size 8 will serve Kenyans with a taste of their lifestyles. Their new show which is dubbed ‘Dine With The Murayas’ will be aired on NTV. On an Instagram post, NTV revealed the news to its fans although the date of its debut was kept hidden.

Size 8, a former secular musician reformed, is reaping the fruits of her salvation. Having switched to Gospel music, the musician is making a fortune from the same. The mother of two is currently hosting MinjiMinji show on Rembo Tv after replacing Maureen Waititu.

The mother of two has a new-born and has never shied from her journey of motherhood. Recently, she took to social media to reveal her journey of motherhood to her fans. “It means enduring that tough pregnancy. Fighting for our dear lives just to ensure children are safe, eating well, walking slowly to avoid injuries during pregnancy. Drinking all the uji for us to have enough milk. Ooh my. Hata hiyo weight we shall deal with it later.”

No doubt her motherhood journey and her married life will be in her reality shows. Most of her fans admire her marriage with DJ Mo. Willy Paul, a secular cum gospel artiste, has revealed in his songs about his dire admiration for Size 8’s marriage. The latter, on the other hand, has often concurred to the fact that marriage is not an easy path to walk on. She hardly shies away from the fact that she has packed time and again and left her matrimonial house due to marital issues.

No doubt, her fans are much hyped about her reality show. The ‘mateke ‘ hitmaker is bound to reveal her salvation journey to her fans. Her decision to stick to gospel music is also a mystery which many of her fans believe she will unravel.