“DJ Evolve has not been Discharged! The Bill is too High.”- Dad Speaks

Dj Evolve in the club

“He is still in hospital as we speak. I’m in the ward with him. The bill is too high.”

John Orinda, Dj Evolves father, has spoken and dismissed claims that his son has recovered and is out of the hospital.

Dj Evolve has been in the hospital ever since January 2020 when he was shot twice in the neck by Embakasi MP Hon Babu Owino while at the club.

The news regarding the DJ’s recovery and his soon release from hospital was reported by Babu Owino two weeks ago.

Babu spoke about the situation in an interview with Jalang’o on the comedian’s show ‘Bonga na Jalas.’

The MP assured netizens that Dj Evolve had fully recovered. He claimed all that was remaining was for him to go home and hopefully be back at his job as soon as possible.

“He is just waiting to be taken home. The reason why he has not been taken home is because of the Corona Virus situation.” Babu told Jalas.

However, after hearing the news, DJ Evolve’s Father quickly spoke and dismissed the claims.

The Dj is apparently still in the hospital, his body is still unresponsive and he is unable to speak due to the mucus tube inserted in his trachea.

Dj Evolve a few days before he was shot.

He has however been discharged from the Intensive Care Unit and is recuperating in the General ward for now.
Speaking to Word Is on May 17th the dad disclosed,

“He is still in hospital and as we speak, I’m in the general ward with him. He has been moved to the general ward but he can’t speak.”

He went on further saying,

“His upper body is okay, his hands can move, he can talk, but he has a pipe in the oesophagus to pass out mucus. So he can’t talk when it’s inside. His legs are still unresponsive.”

John Orinda also claimed that Babu only paid kshs 5 million out of the kshs 16 million hospital bill.

Dj Evolves’s little brother also sent a message to El Shaqo of NRG radio to further affirm that his brother is still admitted in hospital.

“Hey Shaq there are news spreading about Dj Evolve’s discharge. The news is fake and I know because I’m his little brother and he told me to make the post for him. Help me share to everyone that it’s fake news.”