DJ MO and Size 8 set to have their own reality show

Popular Christian couple Dj Mo and his wife size 8 are set to air in a reality show titled ”Dine with the Murayas”  which features the couple and their two children. The upcoming show will mainly be aired on NTV and its recaps will be shown on youtube so as to reach maximum potential audiences for quality entertainment. The couple publicizes their family life on social media and it seems they will be taking their content to the next level through TV screens.

However, the introduction of this new show got many fans speculating that it will replace ”Being Bahati”, which features gospel singer Bahati and his life that revolves around his music and family activities. The schedule of  DJ Mo’s upcoming show is yet to be confirmed by NTV.

In an Instagram post from Size 8, she teased her fans by hinting that something good is cooking behind the scenes. She wrote,

In God’s timing by His own power through His own grace for His own glory!!! @djmokenya #themurayas #DineWithTheMurayas

Dining with the Murayas show poster.

According to sources from  NTV, Bahati’s reality show has been struggling of late to sustain audiences hence being pushed past prime time news. The change in airtime of Bahati’s reality show and potentially replacing it with Dining with the Murayas left fans with mixed reactions in the online community.

Heri akothee I swear..Who are these now😭😭

Hamna ata documentary ya wanyama😭? Si afasali mtunyonge basi.
When you copy paste western media & think Africans are interested in people’s personal business 😎
Ntv,ntv,how many times have I called you?No wonder citizen will always be the leader
Heri ni hesabu mchele nione kilo moja iko na ngapi🤣🤣
The unfair comments from online trolls triggered Dj Mo to respond to them by calling them, haters and their days are surely numbered.
Keep going until they creat pseudo accounts to fight you – but their days are numbered . …. wajanja wameelewa….
This industry is small ,Don’t compete ..Complement 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @size8reborn
#themurayas #dinewiththemurayas
The timings of the show will be shared with the public by NTV in a few days or weeks so as to alert fans how and when it will be premiered.