Drama as Willy Paul Drives hands-free on Highway as he Mocks Bahati

Willy Paul does not seem like he will quit trolling his longtime rival Bahati any time soon.

If not Bahati’s vocals, Willy Pozze trolls the singer’s singing style or even marriage life.

Just today, the Controversial singer recorded himself driving hands-free around Nairobi while bragging to his fans about his fine motor skills.

He also talked about his past feud favorite nemesis Bahati.

“I can also drive with my legs. Yeah. Atleast naeza piga story nikidrive pale kutumia mguu. Ujuzi ambao sio kila mtu anao bwana.”

Fans were quick to bash Willy Pozze claiming that anyone could put their car on auto-drive.

Other fans fancied the ‘Nikune’ Hitmaker’s driving skills though they insisted he was showing off.

Majority of people, however, spoke of the road risk the musician was putting himself in.

They were quick to inform Willy Paul that If he was looking for death he was going to get it.

@Gladysachuti We know you put it on cruise control so stop bragging for no reason.

@ShvadesElsa Sasa huyu akianguka ataambia nini watu? Na tena si poa kubrag.

@dkagira When you get into a wreck Internet will not have forgotten. You are a threat to other motorists.

@tafaamus He should first of all be arrested for reckless driving. I think he is inspiring Kenyan youth to drive recklessly.

@Keliimutua Now we wait for Ringtone to respond on how devilish this is and how he’s going to sue him for demonic and irresponsible driving.

When showing off, he pointed out that he knew the video would disturb Bahati since he could drive as well as Willy Paul.

Pozze was on Bahati again claiming that the singer was spreading false rumours about him writing songs for Willy Paul in the earlier days.

“Najua hii video kuna watu itawauma sana, watu ambao hawana ujuzi. Mtoto wa Diana…sorry, bwana ya Diana naskia umesema eti umekua ukiniandikia nyimbo zile enzi. Anyway my people, what should I tell mtoto wa Diana?”

Willy Pozze asked his fans.