Drama! Bahati calls Harmonize a Coward for unfollowing him on Instagram

The beef between Kenya’s gospel singer Bahati and Tanzania’s bongo star Harmonize seems to be taking flight much faster than anticipated.

Just a few days after Bahati publicly called out Harmonize for his beef with Diamond Platnumz, the ‘uno’ hit maker retaliated by unfollowing the gospel singer on his social media accounts.

Bahati did not take this move lightly, and he immediately went to Instagram to rant about what he called a ‘coward’ move on Harmonize’s side. According to Bahati, Harmonize is weak, as he cannot be able to accept the truth as Bahati had pointed out to him.

“I love you TZ, But I just noticed Harmonize is coward. N*** unfollowed me because he can’t just swallow the truth.” Wrote Bahati.

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The gospel singer bitterly pointed out that he did not need ‘konde boy’ Harmonize in any way. He went on further saying that Harmonize did not deserve the name Tembo as he did not match up to the standards.

“Sidhani nahitaji huyu gathee. Mkimuona mwambieni I’m the GHETTO PRESIDENT. Na kuanzia leo, Nisiwahi sikia akijiita Tembo. Mimi ndio Tembo. Na hope Tanzania na Kenya tumekubaliana kwa hilo??”

Late last week, Bahati called out ‘bedroom’ hit maker Harmonize through social media, telling him to swallow his pride and apologize to his former boss and mentor, Diamond Platnumz.

“Every time I see this story of Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize it pisses me off. Because first it was uncalled for, secondly we don’t forget how we have been helped just because we’ve become stars. NO! As I close my preaching I will tell you, go humble, apologize and walk away with your blessings bro. Unajua baba ni baba ata awe mchawi. Hivyo baba ana uwezo wa kukubariki na kukulaani. If you want to be the Tembo you want to be, stop the cheap fight and make peace.”

The two Tanzanian mega stars have not been in good terms ever since their falling out last year when Harmonize quit WCB Wasafi records and went to start his own music label, Konde Music Worldwide.

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