Drop Zone ! Shiks Kapyenga Exits Hot 96 After Lay-Off.

Shiks Kapienga is one of the radio hosts who faced the mass lay off by Royal Media Services. The bubbly radio girl was a co-host to Rapcha The Sayantist for over three years now.They both hosted Dropzone evening show , a major show that has amassed a great following from their fans .Shiks Kapienga took to social media to share photos of her and Rapcha the scientist .They both hosted Dropzone an evening show that would run from 7pm to late in the night. Their show has amassed a great following on their social media platforms for their authenticity ,great shows and the chemistry that existed between the two which even made the show more interesting.

Shiks took to social media to social media to share photos of her and Rapcha. She reminisced the good moments they had on air with a tinge of emotion.

[email protected] Sayantist.It has been one amazing journey and I will most definitely miss our crazy nights on air,” The ever bubbly girl wrote on her social media page.Her greatest fans some of them being celebrities took to the platform to lift her spirits up as well as assure her that she would land better deals ahead.

millychebby- Unto the next one ,new doors opening mama.

terryannechebet- You’re a star and I am excited to see what’s next! Onwards and upwards honey.

Holydave Muthengi- Once a star alwats a star.Bless you.

The thirty three year old beauty is well known for her vibrant personality , her tomboy style as well as her authentic ghetto vibe . Apart from being labelled as the queen of the airwaves, the talented lady also doubles as an actress. She has acted for a couple of movies by now. Most of her fans identify her with the role she played in BebaBeba where she took the role of Tasha. She also took the role of a baby in the famous Shuga.

In the latter, Shiks confessed that she auditioned for the same since word had it that Idris Elba would feature in the same. It however turned out to be a big disappointment since Idris turn up for it.

Shiks has also auditioned for the biggest laugh industry, Churchill Show. She has made a couple of industries since then. Shiks also concurs that her role as Amina in Nairobi half life as well as her role in Shuga brought about bad blood between her and her parents.She revealed that her parents hardly finished  watching the entire episodes.

Kapyenga has been surrounded by so many love dramas with many labelling her as a husband snatcher since she was alleged to have been behind Mc Jessy’s fall-out with his wife. Netizens claimed that there was deep chemistry between the two. Mc Jessy however disputed the fact that Shiks was behind his broken marriage.

The radio personality has over 9 years of experience in theatre arts as well as tv cast roles. She began her career on radio in 2018 at Ghetto Radio where she was a sports news presenter and thereafter joined Hot96. Her show amassed a following of over 65k on facebook and thousands of followers on other social media platforms. No doubt, Shiks is destined for greater things in her next chapter of her career.