Ethic group claim they would have been jailed if they released Benzema’s song Ngwatiology

Ethic Entertainment group has hinted to  KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua after they felt unfair treatment whenever they release explicit music. Their complaint comes after Gengetone artiste Benzema, released a song titled Ngwatiology that the group found much worse as compared to the music they put out in terms of the lyrics and videos.

Ethic Entertainment

Expressing their concern on Twitter, the group felt that most of the content in their song is constantly considered obscene yet other  Gengetone artists are usually allowed to get away with their content, for instance, Benzema among others.

With reference to Benzema’s Ngwatiology, the group said if it were them who released the song, Ezekiel Mutua would have already ordered for their arrest and removal of their song from music platforms like YouTube.

If it were Ethic that released the Ngwatiology song, we would have been taken to Kamiti,” the tweet read

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After sharing their sentiments on Ngwatiology, the group triggered mixed reactions from netizens. Some Kenyans on Twitter were in support of the matter while others trash-talked Gengetone at large. However, a few critiques advised the group to focus on their album set for release on the 13th of this month.

CK-Sasa mnataka Kulia ?
antony kangethe –Everything about Gengetone ni trash,meffi tu
DON-Nyinyi mkiacha kuimba bangi na tabia mbaya career inaisha
Tellaman– Kwanza Ezekiel Mutua nikama huwa ako his Own Agenda Towards The Ethic Crew…. Anyway, leteni Album vile inafaa.
Previously, Ezekiel Mutua warned that the musicians risked jail term for their explicit kind of music. The group of four found themselves in serious trouble after the release of the song Soko and Tarimbo, which were deemed offensive and promoted abuse against women.


Ethic Entertainment
The moral police Ezekiel, said the entertainers are not first-time offenders which make their cases worse as compared to other Gengetone artists.