Ethic: We Revolutionized Kenyan Music Scene. That will go down in History!


Gengetone Popstars Ethic have called themselves Kenyan Music Scene Revolutionists.

'Lamba lolo' hit makers, Ethic.

The gengetone crew recently went on Twitter and awarded themselves the title of the Kenyan Music scene changers.

Ethic told their social media fans, that they are the ones who brought back the authentic Kenyan sound after it had been long forgotten.

They claimed that they are responsible for introducing a whole new genre of music in the Kenyan Music Industry.

On their twitter handle, they wrote,

“Ethic revolutionized the Kenyan Music scene at a time when Kenans didn’t have an authentic sound they could connect and vibe and dance to. We introduced a whole new genre of music that captures a lot of Kenyan culture in it. Hate us or love us, that will go down in History.”

It is indeed true that if not for Ethic coming out with their first gengetone hit song, Lamba Lolo, the Kenyan music culture would have continued dying a slow death.

They revived the ghetto side of the Kenyan music scene, helped people embrace their culture better and brought back the sweet melodies of genge music.

When the Ethic crew blew up, several other gengetone groups and singular artists began tossing their hats in the ring.

Now we have big hitsong makers like Ochungulo family, Sailors gang, Bondocks gang, Zzero Sufuri, rappers like Sylvia SSaru, Breeder LW and many more.

However, the genge tone did not come to life with the Ethic crew.

Before the huge corruption with the white man’s music style, we used to enjoy big genge songs from artists like, Jua Kali, Nonini, Mejja Okonkwo and many more legendary perfomers.

Kenyans on Twitter did not fail to give their opinions on the matter.

@Kipkiruibusienei Nonini revolutionized Kenyan music scene. You only elevated it.

@Mgarajesse You guys revolutionized nothing. You reminded us what we used to be and what our sound is. You cleared the waves of wasafi and taught us to come back home, for that glass of whiskey.

@48thcountry Madly creative, shit content.

@Walter There is invention and innovation. With innovation someone else will come and adjust your adjustments to something better like Zzero Sufuri. It’s just a cycle. It was your turn and accept that the turn is over.