Everything you need to know about TikTok Queen,Azziad Nasenya

TikTok Queen, Azziad


Kenyan Tiktok Queen Azziad Nasenya is one of the internet sensations who took the internet by storm by doing the ”Utawezana” challenge that changed her life completely.

The influencer is where she is today because of the endless moves she made to push her content online and finally got her big break. This came at a time when social media users were always glued to their phones thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the discouragement and trolling from naysayers, the content creator has managed to stay relevant for the past months and grown her fanbase across all her social media platforms.

As a growing player in the entertainment industry, there is little information about her personal life. From her interviews, the rising star has come forward to share the bits of her personal life to the public and her journey to fame.

Who is Azziad Nasenya

Azziad is a 20-year-old-actress, content creator, upcoming journalist who quickly rose to fame after she shared a video of her jamming to Femi One and Mejja’s Utawezana club banger on TikTok.

Nasenya was born on 16th June 2000.

Her viral video was received well on social media and her pertinent acting skills were noticeable from her flexible waist, infectious smile, and lip-syncing ability. She was at the top of the trending list on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram after her video was circulated and went viral with over 600,000 views.

Soon after, her Instagram followers surpassed 100,00 followers in a short span. Netizens took advantage of her popularity and began trolling her for using filters and looking different in all her photo comparisons.

She started acting in stage plays in St. Cecilia Misikhu Girls Secondary school before joining Hearts of Art theatre group, where she balanced playing many roles while pursuing broadcast journalism at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and currently in her second year.

Azziad was born and partially raised in Western Kenya and she is from the Luhya tribe.

Content creating

In 2018, she began taking her content creation skills to the next level by vlogging on YouTube with short skits and dance videos. She joined TikTok in 2019 and shared her dance and lip-syncing videos.

Azziad is one of the few Kenyans with a verification badge on TikTok with millions of views, thus being dubbed the Kenyan Tiktok queen. Speaking during an interview, the internet sensation chose TikTok because of its versatility and uniqueness.

She added that the platform had less room for trolling and creators were free to express themselves freely with less judgment. She is often crucified for rarely appearing without makeup and has been trolled by some people for not looking as good with a full-face.

Tiktok has everything I need. I can lip-sync, act, dance and make funny clips, and Tiktok has provisions for all that. It is a platform in which you will rarely be trolled.Everyone and anyone can be who they are. There is less judgement there and a lot more freedom to be creative and original.

Nasenya, however, clarified during an interview, that Utawezana never changed her life but only pushed her fanbase to a greater level. According to her TikTok is a platform that gives her unexplainable happiness and creativity.

I wouldn’t say that the viral video (utawezana) has changed my life, but TikTok has personally changed my life.I never knew that you could have a platform where you could express yourself in all the manners that you would want to; it doesn’t know when you are about to cry or when you are happy. TikTok just gives me a happy feeling in a way that I cannot explain. 

Secret to consistency

Contrary to a group of hater’s expectations, the content creator has managed to stay at the top of her game ever since she became famous. Most of her haters invalidated her success by calling it five seconds of fame and she would soon be forgotten.

Azziad says content creation is part of her journey to growth and it’s something she loves doing even before going viral.

I do what I do because it is what I love and I will continue doing it. I won’t stop creating content or acting because of the feeling that I have already gone viral.This is what has made me come out on the public domain. So, I will continue with this journey, because it is what I love doing.I do have a few endorsement gigs coming from Uganda that I am really looking forward to. Lastly, I have always dreamt of landing in Hollywood one day as an actor.

The petite beauty also balances her school work and career by catching up with her classes during the evening hours and pushing her content during the day.


Azziad has been open in sharing the difficulties she has encountered ever since she became the talk of the town. The online sensation seems to have rubbed shoulders with haters who choose to ignore she is a young lady who just dreams of making it big in the industry.

Sharing her story on Instagram, Nasenya revealed road to stardom has a lot of ups and downs which included being cyberbullied with people not believing that she did not have it all and was undeserving of her fame.

Am still struggling to find my right path, but one thing I was taught is to always be a fighter and I believe that has helped me achieve the little success that is coming my way. ‘She is overrated’, they say. ‘She is not talented’, they add, ‘She will wear off’, some pray, and many more that I may not be able to quote.She wrote. 

Due to the immense cyberbullying the actress at times cried herself to sleep asking the Almighty for intervention but after developing tough skin from her haters, the content creator decided it was time to work.


Azziad’s rate card

Her net worth is yet to be calculated because she is still growing as a content creator. Currently, she is working with different brands and making an income out of it. Azziad has since received jobs from businesses as part of marketing strategies.

Azziad has also monetized her social media platforms and her rate card was leaked leaving Kenyans in shock by how much she makes from a single post and engagement for the companies she works with.

According to her rate card, she charges Sh100,000 for a Tiktok video and Sh50,000 for a live video on the same platform. In addition, an advertiser will be required to pay Sh100,000, Sh50,000, and another Sh50,000 for Instagram Feed, Instagram story, and Instagram Live respectively.

If you want her services on Facebook, one will be forced to cough Sh100,000 per Post and 50,000 for a live session on the same platform. She also has a monthly package and weekly brand engagements where she charges Sh250,000 for one Tiktok video, one tweet, one Instapost, one Instastory, and one Facebook post.

Current projects

The utawezana queen is focused on becoming a journalist, and as a television host in the near future. Narrating her story on Instagram, the beauty revealed she had always wanted to be on the screen and was still struggling to find her path.

The ever-smiling temptress recently revealed to her fans that she had landed a role in the popular Kenyan soap-opera Selina. She disclosed she had taken part in the new Swahili drama Selina and was to make a due debut on the show’s latest episode. She posted a photo of herself cuddling with actor Pascal Tokodi.

Azziad and Pascal Tokodi

Tonight is the night! Finally ready to share with everyone what I have been cooking up the last few months. Tonight, I’ll be making a debut on a very popular local show! Tune in to Maisha Magic East,she wrote. 

Her acting debut impressed many of her fans who congratulated her on the major feat. Her role in the Selina drama series has most certainly triggered everyone’s emotions only with everybody rooting for her success and demanding to see more of her on the show.

Azziad Nasenya also hosts a new show dubbed ‘Concert Nyumbani’ alongside seasoned television personality Mwaniki Mageria. The directors of the show, Eugene Mbugua, and Enos Olik,  said the new show will be airing on 9 TV stations simultaneously.

Concert Nyumbani is a musical show that has been put together to celebrate heroes who’ve emerged from the Corona pandemic.

Elite Chef show hosts

Ms. Nasenya will also be hosting another cooking show “Cook-Off” with comedian Mulamwah exclusively on Youtube where Kenyan chefs compete in making a few cuisines for cash prizes and exposure.