Exray Explains the Reason for his beef with Miracle Baby

Gengetone artist’s Exray and Miracle Baby’s beef has been going on for the past few weeks.

The two have hurled insults and even exposed each other’s dirty secrets through their social media accounts.

It all started when Exray called Miracle Baby a snitch on Instagram, saying he will take him to court.

“Someone tell uyo snitch,yaani @Peter MiracleBaby Umbwaa saaanaaa. Na keshoo tupatane Kortini ama urudi ocha.” Exray wrote

Things escalated when Miracle Baby did not hold back and lashed back at Exray’s girlfriend, calling her ‘Mali ya umma’ (Public property), claiming she sleeps around with different men.

The beef has been going on till yesterday when gengetone sensation Exray decided to explain why the two have been beefing.

According to Exray, it all started when one day, miracle Baby visited him to ask for some help.

Miracle Baby was behind on rent and he had been locked out of his house.

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Exray didn’t think twice and agreed to help his fellow brother with a place to lay his head before getting back to his feet.

Miracle Baby was stressed out and so he borrowed Exray some cash to go and have a drink or two to drown his sorrows.

However, his tune changed as soon as he got slightly drunk.

Peter Miracle Baby first started bragging about his huge number of followers on social media.

He then continued hurling insults at everyone who was around including Exray’s girlfriend while causing chaos.

A fight broke out and Miracle Baby was thrown out of the house at around 10 pm at night and told to go home.

After Miracle went home, Exray said that he threatened them big time for what they had done to him.

So Exray decided to come out with the story first on social media.

Exray went further saying that Miracle was gay and that he has all the evidence to prove it.

And if Miracle continues trolling and attacking him on social media, he will definitely expose his dirty secrets.

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