Exray vs Miracle Baby;Tupatane Kortini kesho!

An unexpected beef may be brewing between Gengetone musicians Exray from Bundocks Gang and Miracle baby from Sailors group who are popular hitmakers to the Kenyan youth. According to an Instagram post from Exray, he referred to Miracle Baby as a snitch(a person who secretly tells someone in authority that someone else has done something bad) for unknown allegations. He seemed upset from his caption and fans were left wondering what was happening.He used some insults in reference to Miracle Baby.

SOMEONE TELL HUYO SNITCH ..YAANI @Petermiraclebaby UMBWA SANAA Na Kesho tupatane Kortini ama urudi ochaa!!

xray’s Instagram post.

From the rapper’s post, he seemed upset with his counterpart Miracle Baby, over allegations between the two of them. However, some fans suspected this could be a publicity stunt so as to garner views in an upcoming music collaboration or an actual beef. This will be confirmed in the few days to come.

Some of his fans under his post wrote;

Taniuaaaaaaa its about to get real!

Tuchanuliwe whats happening??

Its about to go doooooooowwwwn

New song aleeeert….Haiya

Exray and Miracle Baby.


From the comments, fans have mixed reactions from Exray’s post and hope for juicier details to emerge following his alarming post. Miracle baby is yet to respond to the claims of snitching or battling it out in court with Exray.