Fan Publicly Apologizes for Calling Lilian Muli a Psycho!

Today has been a tough day for one Makori Malema who fell on the wrong side of TV host Lilian Muli after leaving a trashy comment on one of Lilian’s Instagram posts.

Muli had uploaded a post penning a sweet message wishing her long term friend Robert Burale a wonderful birthday.

As always, fans camped at the comment section of Lilian’s post leaving their warm messages for Muli and Burale.

One fan, however, caught Lilian’s attention after he left a provocative comment regarding preacher Robert Burale.

The fan referred to the man of God as a community husband which did not go well with Muli.

“@LilMuli Indeed our Kisii community husband made you a psycho lol!” wrote Makori.

Lilian Muli was angered by the inappropriate comment even calling it crap. She took a screenshot of the comment and publicly shamed Makori Malema on her Instagram timeline.

Although the presenter often ignores trolls and deletes hateful comments left on her social media posts, she could not ignore this netizen who was abusing Lilian’s beloved friend.

“So I usually delete such crap and move on! But let me make this sissy famous! Excuse me Toad, come and say this to my face idiot! I hate spite and I hate mean people. Sorry bro I’m not the one who hurt you. How is this in any way something you should post coz I wished my friend a happy birthday?” Lilian angrily told her fans on Instagram.

Before time could take its toll, Makori realised his mistake and decided to apologize to gorgeous Muli.

“@LilMuli My apologies. It was on a light note Nzisa.” Said Makori.

Which Muli replied saying, “You had better be sorry.”

The presenter also informed her fans that she could also be petty when she’s upset and that good manners don’t cost a thing.