Fashion blogger Angie Styles narrates sexual assault encounter in an emotional IGTV video

Angie Kay styles

An upcoming fashion blogger by the name Angie Kay (Angikaystyles) on Thursday took to her Instagram and shared a perverted trend that some uncouth Nairobi men use to sexually assault unsuspecting innocent women.

The blogger recounted the nerve-wracking experience that has happened to her more than once but her most recent encounter pushed her to share her ordeal in tears and deep emotions through her IGTV.

Hey Men.. This is NOT OKAY!!
I’ve been debating all night whether to post this or not.. the emotion I am showing in this video is quite raw and unfiltered and might rub some people the wrong way..I could barely narrate my experience in a clear manner because I was so overwhelmed. The truth is that this is not my first or second or even third time experience this kind of behaviour from men.. It saddens me deeply that the people I ran to for help.. grown men that have daughters, aunts sisters and mothers..met my cry for help with laughter. I am honestly tired of staying quiet about this issue. So.. TODAY I SPEAK!

The beautiful lass said on her way home, just a few minutes before the 7 pm curfew in Kenya, a man with an afro-cut hair cycled past her as he spanked her butt without any shame just close to the Quicksmart shopping center in Buruburu.

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Without hesitation, the man proceeded to spank another elderly woman a few metres ahead of Angie and he sped off across the road into hiding in a fence.

Angie kay

The blogger joined forces with the woman who was sexually assaulted after her in trying to seek help from the male sellers nearby but she was surprised and overwhelmed with emotions when they dismissed her and laughed off the issue like it meant nothing to them.

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Her cry for help went unanswered, unfortunately, as she was scared to confront the pervert who was hiding nearby and going alone to face him could have been dangerous.

She emotionally highlighted the frequent plight of women, who are put at risk of sexual assault daily and how some men lack basic respect for women to a point of publicly touching them sexually without any shame or consent.

Her followers showed emotional support by commenting with messages of encouragement and also shamed men who lack respect and regularly objectify women sexually.

I’m so sorry 😢

People should be taught on how to respect others….I feel sorry for you @angiekaystyles

So you think by addressing some of this things on social media will help? Stand up for yourself!!! Stop being that soft…. You are gonna cry and cry and cry!!! But look for a solution… These are things that happen.. And there are so many guys out here good and bad… Crying on social media is not an option you are just showing guys how vulnerable you are which is not ryt!!!… 🙂

What hurts more is that society have kinda normalized these forms of abuse. Women are not pieces of meat, these forms of street abuse needs to end 😢😢😢. We want to feel safe in the streets again 😢
Watch her emotional narration below;

In tears, she told men to treat women with respect because sexual assault may happen indiscriminately to the important women in their lives, for instance, family members and friends.

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