Fashion Hacks: Easy DIY Ideas To Renew Your Old Jeans

Do you have some beloved old jeans, which you gave up on, sitting around? Are you a fan of Do It Yourself projects? Well, here are ways to put all that into much needed use.

  • Distress or Rip It

Ripped jeans may not be suitable for some occasions but what’s for sure they never go out of fashion. Since your jeans are already worn out, why not turn them into a legit stylish piece? This is the simplest DIY you can try if you have a bit of time to spare.

You’ll need:

  1. Razor blade or scissors
  2. Sandpaper or steel wool
  3. Chalk or cloth marker
  4.  Tweezers or a fork


For the ripped jeans:

  1.  Mark the lines you want to cut
  2. Using your scissors or razor blade, cut carefully along the lines.
  3. Take the tweezers or fork and pull off the strands of fabric loosened.

In the case of distressed jeans:

  1. Mark the area you want to distress
  2. Cut lines across it
  3. Rub the area with the sandpaper or steel wool until desired look is achieved.
  • Dye or Bleach it

Another design that you can effortlessly achieve. Either add some colour to make it pop or wash it away. By the end, your old jeans will seem amazingly new.

You will need:

  1. Bleach or Dye
  2. Protective gloves


  1.  Dilute your bleach or dye up to the required amount.
  2.  For a wash out look, fold the jeans then put them into the bleach.
  3. To change colour, put them into the dye
  4. Hang them in the sun to dry
  5. If you prefer patches or another pattern, get a dropper or brush and splash the dye or bleach on your jeans to achieve the look.
  • Stud It

To achieve a flashy jeans makeover, consider adding studs to give it a punk kind of look. This DIY requires you to be creative and cautious. There are no specific areas you should add the studs, do it according to your preference but mostly people go for the cuffs or vertical sides.

You will need:

  1. Studs
  2. Pliers


  1. Arrange your studs in the pattern you wish to make
  2. Lay down the old jeans with the part you want to work on clearly visible
  3. Using the pliers, place the studs into the area until you get the desired look.
  • Lace or Zip It Up

These two add awesome details to jeans, taking your old jeans from a 1 to a 10 pretty fast. You use minimal equipment and so is the time required.

To add lace, you’ll need:

  1. Lace
  2. Scissors or a razor blade
  3. Thread and needle
  4. Chalk or cloth marker
  5. Pins


  1. Outline the area you want to replace with lace
  2. Cut the part off, also, a slightly larger piece of lace to replace it.
  3.  Turn the jeans inside out and using the pins secure the lace in place.
  4. Sew in the lace all round

To add zips instead, get all the equipment used above, apart from the lace of course. When it comes to the procedure, follow the above directions too.

Gone are the days when old jeans just wrinkled in your closet, put on your creative hat and breathe new life into them. It will completely be worth it, on a more positive note, you get to save some dime. Why get a new one when you can makeover an old one to acquire the very design? Anyway its your call, yours truly has done hers. Til next time, stay safe and keep it glam!