Femi One’s Surprising Throwback when she was a Headgirl in Highschool

Fans have today been shocked today by ‘Utawezana’ hitmaker Femi one who surprised everyone with a never seen before video of her during her long-forgotten Highschool days.

Who would have thought, even in their wildest dreams, that this gorgeous and talented rapper was once an authority figure in Highschool.

Celebrated rapper Femi One.

Femi Uno had the honour to be her highschool’s head girl in her final year as a form four candidate.

Wanjiku Kimani, which is her real name attended ‘Gakarara’ High School which changed its name to now ‘St Peters’ High School.

St Peters is a Boys High school located in Kandara Constituency, Murang’a County.

Gakarara school used to be a mixed high school, but they scrapped off the female students leaving only the boys.

Femi One’s class was actually the last class which consisted of both male and female students.

In the video, Femi is seen speaking about some tough challenges the girls in her school had to go through being the last batch of girls in Gakarara High School.

Living in an environment full of boys was definitely not an easy job, though they strived through the problems.

She was also excited about the school’s form four Leavers party which her fellow candidates were eagerly waiting for.

Check out the video below.

[videopress qp9psybT]


“Mbele yenuni Headgirl Wanjiku Kimani kutoka shule ya upili ya Gakarara (now ST Peters). S/O to my schoolmate Robert Kanyoro. #throwbackthursday.” Wrote Femi on her Instagram post.

Also in the video, was Femi Ones’s former schoolmate who is now working as a software engineer.

Here are some of her fans reactions about the video.

@theKingKaka To study with boys wacha vile sahii unauliza kama watawezana.

@terencecreative Jesoooooo

@lydiatheuri Uliharibikia wapi, you look like a good girl.

@ludbamilahbrazilian Enyewe hakuna mtu amebeat ni pesa hatuna.

@eddiebutita Sikuizi ni kuambia watu kama ni ndogo usiende kutangaza.

@geely It has not been easy for you to study with boys . I feel that vibe.