Femi One;Utawezana was already trending before Azziad did the challenge

Kenyan hitmaker Femi One took to Instagram to celebrate her recently released hit song ‘Utawezana’ featuring Mejja for surpassing five million viewers on her Youtube platform. She thanked her followers for getting the song to where it is because it was a major milestone for her music career. The catchy hit  song attracted millions of viewers in a span of one month which is very impressive.

Femi one teased her online fans that she will be releasing new music now that ‘Utawezana’ had made it.


Finally!! We are at 5million views …we can now release another one Yes?!

Femi one,’utawezana’ hit maker

In as much the song did well, many of the musician’s fans felt it would be noble if Femi gave the content creator Azziad Nasenya, credit for promoting the song on her TikTok platform making it go viral and boosting the youtube views of the already trending hit. Azziad effortlessly lip-synced to the lyrics with perfect dance moves that got her famous after doing the challenge. Some people even responded to Femi One by saying they came to learn of the song following her TikTok ‘utawezana’ challenge.

A fan on Instagram inquired whether Azziad had already received her coins following her smart marketing strategy but Femi had a different opinion on the matter.

“I hope Azziad received some sort of payment for her efforts,” an Instagram fan  wrote.

Femi one denied claims the dancer deserved to be paid for putting the banger on the map and making it go international days after its release.

Femi one responding to a fan.

The song was already tending on TikTok that’s why she did the challenge because she came across it on TikTok. – Femi One responded.

Azziad has since gained popularity after dancing to the song on TikTok and was interviewed in many entertainment shows following the major influence she established on marketing the song.