Finally, I’m in love: Ringtone Speaks on allegations of Impregnating Azziad Nasenya

Ringtone and Azziad Nasenya have been trending for the past few days after photos of them out on a date together filled the internet.

Followed by that, different photos of a pregnant Azziad Nasenya being held by Ringtone also surfaced online.

The photos sparked several rumours of the two of them dating and it spread like wildfire over different social media handles.

A classic 105 presenter at first reached out to Ringtone to clarify the story.

Ringtone spoke of how beautiful Azziad is and his love of her undying spirit despite all the trolls throwing shade away.

“I think that Azziad is a very beautiful lady. She is smart and very intelligent. When I see her I am shocked at the amount of shade Kenyans have been throwing her way.”

He went on further saying,

“But I like her indomitable spirit and that she hasn’t given up. She wakes up, she does her thing without being affected. She is very inspirational.”


Earlier today, Ringtone uploaded the photos of him with Azziad and stated how lucky he is to be in love with such a lovely woman.

He even told his fans that he will be a very proud father and he would not stop loving Azziad as long as they live.

“Proud father, I will love you my dear until God does us apart.”

He wrote under pregnant Azziad’s photo.

“Finally I’m in love. I thank God for my very special person.

He stated on the other post.

However, when Azziad Nasenya came across the photos of her pregnant self, she dismissed the claims and claimed that it was photoshop.

According to her, she was only out on a date with Ringtone at the time.

“Kenyans photoshopping me with a baby bump after I was spotted out on a date with Ringtone. Si msake wera wananchi.” She wrote.

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