First Date Ideas.

First dates are one of those things we love to hate. Especially for guys. If this is someone you don’t know very well, the first date might seem very intimidating on what to do or where to go. I know I’ve been there. So in this article, I’ll take you through some ideas you can use to spice up your first date and make it one she’ll remember. This article is going to be tailored to Kenyans, but you can modify it to suite your location.

    I can’t say this enough, you can never go wrong with coffee dates. Especially if your date is a coffee junkie, then you’ve hit the jackpot. The catch is, you should have a lot to talk about. You probably want to take someone with whom you’ve established some chemistry with to a coffee date because there’s only the coffee between you two, and maybe a cake or something. It works very well for a brief date if you have a busy schedule where you can dash into a coffee joint for an hour and you’re out. It would also be convenient in case you feel like the chemistry between you two isn’t working, then you can finish your coffee and just leave and it will not come off as rude. It doesn’t have to be strictly coffee, you could swap coffee for ice cream, yoghurt or some other quick snack.
    My suggestions are:

    1. Java.
    2. Planet Yogurt.
    3. Steers.
    4. Art Cafe.
    This has pretty much become a cliche, but there’s a reason why everyone is doing it. It’s mostly a safe bet. There’s usually not a lot of risk involved in this and it’s a tried and tested method. I’ll just refer to it as dinner for our purposes. Dinner will give you an opportunity to get to know each other. Not on a shallow level but on a much deeper level. You would typically spend at least two hours on a proper dinner and if the chemistry is just right, even three. You want to select a location that’s not crowded, where you can get some privacy to talk and enjoy each other’s company because I can assure you, you’ll do a lot of talking. Hotels have a wide range in terms of budget, so I’ll leave you to decide one that serves you best.
    Activities are a nice way to get to know a person better. You’ll get to know whether they’re a team player, how they behave under pressure and you can explore aspects of their personality that you just can’t analyze over a meal. These are my favourite kind. You want to pick something that you have some level of understanding in so that the both of you are not clueless, and it works in your favour if you demonstrate that you know stuff.
    My suggestions:

    1. A walk or cycle around Karura forest for those in Nairobi or some other forest or park for those in other areas.
    2. A hike at Ngong hills or some other hill near you that you can access.
    3. Ziplining: The Forest, Machakos People’s Park, Kereita Forest, Rapids Camp Sagana.
    4. Swimming.
    No, I don’t mean Netflix and chill, you’re not there yet. Going to an actual cinema to watch a movie that both of you are interested in. I don’t really like the idea of a movie for the first date as you might not learn a lot about your date since you’ll spend most of your time watching the movie instead of getting to know each other. However, for shy people, this could be a gold mine. Starting off your date with a movie and following up with coffee or dinner sounds like a very good idea. It gives you a common ground to start your conversation as you can talk about the movie and divert to other topics gradually. It works as an excellent conversation starter especially if you don’t have a lot to talk about. I don’t think I need to suggest to you cinemas around, they’re pretty well known. As for movies to watch, try and analyze your date beforehand to get some basis on which type of movies they like. You could also just ask them to make sure both of you enjoy the experience.
    Events are always a go-to for me. They provide a relaxing environment and take off all the extra pressure that you’re under on the first date. Depending on your taste, I found that outdoor events work best, especially the more casual ones like motor shows, fashion markets, fashion shows, music festivals. You can even bring some friends along if you’re comfortable. You’ll never run out of things to talk about at an event and you’ll have a chance to create long-lasting memories because you’ll get an excuse to take extra photos during the event.
    My suggestions:

    1. Jazz Festival.
    2. Concours D’Elegance.
    3. Nairobi Fashion Market.
    4. Fashion High Tea.
    If you have some nice parks around, a picnic can be an impressive idea. Considering that most people steer clear of picnics, it’s a sure way to wow her. Make sure you pick the right venue and one that’s not crowded. Also, make sure to check your weather forecast. Can’t have the rain ruining the day.
    My suggestions:

    1. Nairobi Arboretum.
    2. Uhuru Gardens.